Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 (of the many) reasons I love Landon Blake!

1. He makes me smile
2. He tells me he loves me atleast 10 times a day
3. He loves to sing and dance (he knows just about every song that comes on the radio!)
4. He is the best little soccer player
5. He still gets super excited everyday when I pick him up from school
6. His imagination is amazing! (his stories would crack you up)
7. He has wonderful sense of humor (even at 5 years old!)
8. He loves soup for breakfast (like his Nana)
9. He has already started making his birthday and Christmas list for 2008 (his bday is Dec 12th)
10. He is (overly) obssessed w/ dogs
11. He is the cutest, most handsome little guy I have ever seen!
12. He told me I could move with him when he goes to college (lets see how many more years I get that same answer lol)
13. Every night he tells me "I love you..sweett dreams..see you in the morning" (which still melts my heart!)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

(because we all wish we could be at the beach instead of working!!)

Monday, January 28, 2008

First time!

Well, I have a few friends that have blogs, and I thought I would try it out! I've become quite a avid blog reader! I am always sending out new pictures, so I thought I could just start my own! I'm new at this, so be patient! ;) Now let me see if I can figure out how to add all the fun stuff to my page! Please feel free to comment! (Steph Daugherty!) Here are a few of the things that have kept us busy so far this month!

Leanne, Vanessa, me and Andy having a few drinks! (my old Don McGill girls!!)

Jessica, my good friend, and I at her baby shower

Lissa, Justin and I at their house for the Ohio State game!

Quintin, Emma, Austin and Landon...GO BUCKEYES!

Showing off their tattoos!