Sunday, August 30, 2009

Landons 1st Football Game! Go Ravens!

Landon started football a couple weeks ago and LOVES it!
Yesterday was their first game!!
Go Ravens..Russell #25
Bryan, Faith, Crystal, Myles and Skylah waiting for the game to was sooooooo HOT.  2:00 games are going to be tough and we have like 4 more!!
Listening to coach pump them up for the game!
Jordyn, Justin and Skylah trying to stay cool!  ha
Ravens cheerleaders!!
Most of our clan...we had so many of our wonderful friends and family come out and watch him!
Thanks Nana, Corky, Skylah, Faith, Myles, Ajax, Nat, Jeff, Kate, Lissa, Mike, Jordyn, Quintin, Austin and Justin!!  We love you all so much!
Look at that face!
Playing tight end!
Our awesome shirts!!
When we got home and took off his pants, he thought it was so cool how dirty his legs were!  lol  You could see where his pants and socks ended!  lol
Oh he is such a boy ;)
We played the Broncos and won 7-6!  They all played so good!
We learned alot though...bring WAY more water, need a tent, and more sunscreen!  3 1/2 hours out in the sun at 2:00 in the afternoon is a scorcher in Katy!  lol

Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day of school!!!

My baby is officially in the first grade!!
Isnt he so handsome?!?!
I love these shoes and was surprised he like them too! Enough to even wear on the first day! ;)
Me and my little man!
Skylah..Miss 3rd Grader!!
Just like last year, he went right in to his class and sat down! (the window is right by his desk and it was super sunny!)
His desk ;)
(and yes, I am that mother that takes a picture of it!)
All in all, he said it was a good day! I couldn't be more pleased with his teacher! She was a kindergarten teacher last year, so Landon and I both already know her! (and we think she is super!) She was actually the teacher that stuck out at kinder orientation last year (but we couldn't have been happier with Ms Jones!!) Now we got them both!
It seems like just a few months ago I wrote this post :(
Its bittersweet, because a much as I want him to stay little, it makes me so proud to see the little man he is becoming!
Hope all the kiddos and teachers had a great day at school today!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 68th Wedding Anniversary!!

A few weekends ago we went to Lufkin for Crystals great grandparents 68th Wedding Anniversary!

Landon and Ajax on the ride up there!
Crystal with her great grandparents! They are such amazing people and it was so nice to spend this special day with them!

Skylah and MawMaw (her great GREAT grandmother!)Me and and my munchkin (you will notice this is the before picture!)

5 generations!! (and Landon! lol)

Crystal spent weeks making a slideshow of old pics and songs. It was so neat, but so sad. Everybody really enjoyed watching it :)

Landon has had a loose tooth for weeks now (his first one!) MawMaw decided to try and pull it out... Skylah had a loose tooth too, so I started trying to pull hers out...
and within 60 seconds I pulled Skylahs out and then turned and pulled Landons out!!
Corky brought them straight to the bathroom to rinse ;)
Silly Skylah not smiling! lol
This was #6 for her! (which 5 of them I have pulled out!)
My baby lost his first tooth! (hence the "before" pic earlier in the post!)
Lots more to update, but I thought I would start with this weekend!!
<>We had another weekend in Lafayette, started football, won a few giveaways, and have had lots of fun the last part of summer! More pics to come soon!!

Blogger has been acting funky on my laptop and not letting me rearrange my pictures. Hopefully that doesnt happen again and I can get caught up soon!

I've loved reading up on all your blogs though!!

Congrats to Stephanie on Baby #2...

Congrats to Kim and Travis on their recent engagement..

and April on the birth of Baby Hunter!!