Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

13 of my favorite things at Disney World!

1. Rock n Roll-r coaster!!!

2. seeing Landon face light up at any given moment

3. Spending a week w/ great family and making new friends!

4. Shopping at Downtown Disney (the Christmas store is to die for!!)

5. Feeling (and acting) like a kid again

6. Buying our Disney scrapbook and starting on it right after we got home (pics to come soon!)

7. the amazing fireworks

8. Eating Breakfast at Cinderellas castle

9. Being treated like royalty everywhere you go (they are seriously the nicest people there!)

10. Pretty much all the rides!

11. Sleeping in bed that felt like a cloud!

12. being off work for 10 days for the first time EVER!

13. Pretty much the whole dang trip was indescribable, amazing, and magical!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Disney World Vacation!!!

I couldn't possibly explain how wonderful our trip was in words! We had a fantastic time! Hopefully you will enjoy these pictures and see the magic in our eyes! Landon was at a perfect age..he was tall enough for almost every ride and everything was still magical to him!

Here we are at 6:00 in the morning at the airport! Our first full day, we went to Magic Kingdom and had breakfast at Cinderellas Castle.When we first got there we got to meet Cinderella and take pictures and get autographs!Once we sat at our "Royal Table" all the princess' came to talk with us! I highly recommend eating there if you ever go with kids! It was worth every penny!

It rained every day while we were there. Pardon the hat and rain look we all sure kept us cooler though!
HSM parade and show! Landon and his cousin were chosen to dance with them!
The pool at the house was awesome..they would actually be at the parks and ask when we were going home to swim! Crazy kids!
Grandpa and Landon w/ the t-rex made out of legos!
Our backyard!
The living room! (as you can see..I DIDNT want to come home!)
My baby
Mammy (Beth) Pam and Steph
All the kiddos! Jacob, Madison, Seth, Landon and Aubrey!

Silly Boys!


This was our bedroom..usually after vacation, you cant wait to sleep in your own bed..not in this case! That was the most comfortable bed EVER! It was like sleeping on a cloud!
Landons favorite part of the room! lol

Well, that was just a "few' of the thousands of pictures we took! We had the times of our lives, and it was hard to come home! But we had plenty of people who were patiently waiting for us to come home! Mom and Mimi cant go that long without their baby! ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

DISNEY BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well...the time is here! We are leaving in less than 24 hours to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!
Landon and I are so excited...we fly out at 7:00 am so we have to leave our house around 4:30 in the morning...AHHHH! We are NOT morning people, BUT, I think we will manage! We probably wont get much sleep tonight! lol
So, hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will be back next Sunday with LOTS of pictures!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

I hope all my blog mommas have a wonderful Mothers Day!
I'm off to Mothers Day Tea at Landons school!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I was tagged by Krystyn:
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My 6 Words
1. Outgoing
2. Loyal
3. Self-conscious
4. Crafty-creative
5. Mother Hen ;)
6. Impatient!
I am tagging
and anyone else who wants to join!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Book Recommendations!
My friend, Stephanie recommended this book to me a while ago! I finished it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! Thanks Steph! I'll definitely be reading more Jen Lancaster books in the future! A great girl read...not a PG book though ;)

My friend,Natalie just raves about this author, Jodi Picoult, so I thought I would try her out. I am only on book one of many that I would like to read! The first read is The Pact...I'm about 1/4 of the way through, and I like it alot so far..I'll keep you guys updated!

(not so "wordless", huh?!?!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Fun May 3-4

Another beautiful in Katy!! Friday Aunt Lissa picked Landon up from school to play with the kiddos! They were at the park, so I met them there after work!
Jordyn and I playing around!
Lissa and I (8 months before her wedding!)
They dressed like twinkies that day!Landon and mother like son!
They will kill us one day for this, but I had to post. The boys in the moms shoes and Jordyn in dads shoes! :) Their lovely pjs and boxers just make it all even better! hehe
Saturday evening we went to Nat an Jeffs for dinner! The boys played the Wii for a while..their favorite..Sing a long to High School Musical! lol I wish I would have got this on video!

I am really looking forward to this weekend! Friday night is the grand opening of my friends bar and then Saturday morning, my mom, me and Landon are headed to Louisiana for Mothers Day weekend at my aunts!

(and of course...we are now only 11 days away from DISNEY WORLD!!!!)

I also added a Blog List to my page! Its on the right hand side about half way down! I added most of you, but PLEASE let me know if you would like to be taken off! I would totally understand! Also, let me know if you would like me to add you!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

RIP Mike Guthrie 3-18-80~4-30-06

In honor of Mike Guthrie

As some of you know, my friend, Mike went to be with the Lord 4-30-06. Yesterday marked 2 years without him here, and I miss him so much! I thought I would dedicate this blog to him.

RIP Mikey...I cant believe its been 2 years since you've been gone. I feel in my heart that I see you all the time. When I think how long its been, it just amazes me. I still miss you everyday.

Here are 13 of my favorite memories and pictures of him
Landon and Mike (Landon adores Mike!)
Jennifers we were hungover ;)

"Sucks for Joes friend"
Brad, GU3, and Kel being the crazy people they are!

"Better late than never"!
He was always late and we were always giving him a hard time! :)

The wonderful day he introduced to Kirsten! lol She is now one of my best friends! Thanks Mike!His 3 favorite kiddos! Dev, Skylah and Landon

This is the picture they had blown up for his funeral...I think this just describes Mike so well! Something about this picture just makes me smile!
Our lovely New Years Hat partyhappy Birthday GU3..the last day I saw him
His parents and the gang at their house for his birthday..they are such amazing people
Well, there you have it... the nicest, most outgoing, hilarious, loyal person you will EVER meet! Michael were taken from us way to soon.

Until we meet again...LOVE YOU GU3!