Thursday, April 24, 2008


I get home, straighten things up, get Landon bathed and turn on the tv at 7:45 for Greys Anatomy, and I see......................
"Diagnostic Information"
"try to reconnect or turn power off"


I have waited how many months to see my beloved Greys family back on television, and UVERSE decides to have a power outage???
As you can tell, I AM outraged ;)
They (AT&T) then tell me that even though I have it already set to record, that it will not record .
So..I am sitting her patiently, waiting for ABC to upload tonights show so I can watch it on the internet!
I am a tv junkie (sad, I know), but NOTHING compares to my Greys!
So fellow you watch Mer/Der and all the drama, I will be sitting here pouting!

Thursday Thirteen~Greys

Thursday Thirteen

Greys Anatomy FINALLY comes back on TONIGHT!!!

Here are 13 (of many) of my favorite moments and quotes from Greys!






If you dont watch this are just CRAZY! ;) It is the best sh0w ever!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-1 MORE DAY!!!

(I had to steal your idea Jennifer!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Relaxing" Weekend

OK, someone remind me why I said this was going to be a relaxing weekend?!?! Crystal (my best friend and roomate..for those of you new readers!) calls me Friday afternoon and decides we should have a garage sale this weekend. Hey..I need some Disney money, so why not! So Friday night we were up until 2:30 pricing and setting up, and were up and opened at 6:30 Saturday morning! We did really good on Saturday and decided to get some more of her sister, mom and my moms stuff and open again Sunday! All in all, we made some really good money and sold most of our crap!
Then we had to go up to Westside Mixed Martial Arts Saturday afternoon to drop some stuff off for Bryan. The owner let Landon and Skylah have a tour and get in the cage! Landon has really wanted to start karate, MMA, or jui-jitsu lately. Well, I figured out why...Hes a natural ;) Here are some pics...
The owner showing them some "moves"They had a ball!One of Fearless' fighters was there, is showing Landon how to do stuff! Look at those muscles ;)
My little man!
Hiiiii---yah!!!! lol
Sunday after the garage sale, Landon, my mom, and I went out to eat with my Papa and Dee Dee! Papa bought Landon a new fishing pole and taught him some new tricks! We had such a good time!
When we got home Crytal was shampooing the carpet and we decided to "Spring Clean" So at 1:00 this morning we called it a night and finally went to bed!
It was such beautiful weekend and we actually had a lot of fun! (and got a lot of stuff done!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My blog got a face lift!!!

Well, I owe it all to Krystyn! She gave my old blog a much needed makeover! Thanks so much! You are the best girl! Go check her out..she very reasonable and I think she actually enjoys making them ;) I know I couldnt have done it on my own! (and believe me..I've tried!) Her page is super cute too!
Thanks again Krystyn and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

One month from today!!!! Thursday Thirteen!

13 things I need to do before we leave for Disney World!

1. Get Landon some new tennis shoes
2. Get me some new tennis shoes
3. Save money!
4. Find bigger luggage
5. Remember to bring Landons birth certificate!
6. buy the rest of the kiddos surprises! (trying to get them fun stuff to have when we are at the house and airplane!)
7. Get some gum!!!
8. Possibly get a new memory chip..mine holds 600 pics, but thats not even 100 pics a day! haha (and believe me I will use them all!!!!!)
9. Find a way home from the airport (trying to talk it up to Mimi!)
10. keep Landon calm (now that we are only a month away, he is SUPER excited!)
11. try and keep calm myself, b/c I think I might just be as excited as Landon! :)
12. Remember who all I need to buy souvenirs for!
13. Be thankful that we are getting to go on this trip with Landons grandparents and cousins and family!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Go Ali...Biggest Loser~Lost 112 lbs!!

Ali and her mom-BEFORE

AFTERFirst female biggest loser!!! Go ALI!!!!

Check out all their transformations!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another busy weekend :)

Well, another fun filled BUSY weekend for us! Friday evening we went to our friends house for dinner and bike rides!
Landon, West and Korbin about to ride!

Vivian and Landon posing! Saturday morning, his school had open house! They had a petting zoo, moonwalks, balloons, dj, ect! We had such a good time! Nana and Landon dancing!Miss Skylah and LandonThen we headed to Justins 1st Birthday!!!
Lissa and I doing our "signature" picture! We must have thousands of these now! ;)
Birthday boy and Aunt Stephie!
In the moonwalk with Skylah My monkey man!
How did we end up with all these boys?!?!
Sweet Austin loving on Aunt Stephie!

That night I went out with some friends to a Private party at The RedZone! My boss is opening a bar in Katy, and he a little sound check party! My camera died after this pic! Sunday morning I co-hosted my great frined, Kirstens baby shower! Love you girl..I cant wait to meet Brooklyn!
Here is my 4th set of letters! (I need to download the 3rd one still!) It matched her bedding! :)
All the hostess and the momma to be!
Some of the food!
Needless to say, Landon, me (and my camera) needed a good night of sleep by Sunday night!! I am happy to say though, that I dont have ANYTHING planned for the next 2 weeks! I am ready to relax after all these past few crazy weeks!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 of my Favorites Stores!!

1. Learning Express-my new fav! Great kid store!!

2. Target-always there to empty my wallet!

3. Hobby Lobby-scrapbook central!

10. Hearts and Hands-on mason in Katy..great random stuff to buy!

12. I get to shop there often!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful Skylah!
(my best friend, Crystals daughter!)

Isnt she just the prettiest thing?!?! Love you Skylah!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy weekend (again!)

Well, we had yet another fun filled weekend! Thursday night we had our last soccer practice of the season :( As tradition, they play the parents (adults) against the kiddos! The kids look forward to this all season! Bryan (Crystals boyfriend) came to play with Landon!
They had SO much fun! Then Friday night we went to the Mayde Creek Martinette Spring Show to see Hailey and the Houses!! I started babysitting Hailey when she was just she is a sophmore and just made varsity cheer at MCHS! Go Hailey! We love you! (shes the 2nd from the left)
And of course MaryLee had to dance with the moms! Love you too MaryLee!
Beautiful Hailey in the center! (kind of makes me miss it!)
Then Saturday morning we had our last soccer game as the Tigers! Go Landon!
Little Vivian and her baby doll!Mitchell, Korbin and Landon about to head to FudruckersThey all wanted to ride together, so I ended up with the 3 of them in the back! Goofballs!
Hamming it up!
Coach Kevin and some of the Tigers!
Go Tigers...undeafeted baby! (even though we arent supposed to keep score!)
Getting his trophy! 5th one now! After our soccer party, we went to the park for Christys son, Gavins 2nd Birthday! Landon loved the splashpad! (even though it was freezing)

My crazy man!
Sofia, Gavin and Landon
Happy Birthday Gavin

That night Landon and I were exhausted! We decided to just get in our pj's and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks!
Sunday I had a baby shower for a good friend, so Landon went to Mimi and Nanas! He played in the spa and rode his bike for hours!
It was such a good weekend!