Monday, August 4, 2008

100 Things about me

100 Things About Me

1. Landon is my heart and soul
2. Greys Anatomy is the BEST show ever!
3. I hate bananas
4. I could eat Chick Fil A everyday and not get sick of it!
5. I am such a sucker for reality tv
6. My mom is the best person EVER..she is one of my best friends
7. Crystal is the sister God forgot to give me...seriously the best friend a girl could ask for
8. Melissa is my other half! Somehow we manage to talk everyday (sometimes hours) and never run out of things to talk about
9. Natalie is my other bestie! Such a genuine person inside and out
10. I am addicted to Diet Coke
11. I heart scrapbooking
12. Root beer makes me want to vomit!
13. Matthew McCaunahey is so freaking hot!
14. I wish I still remained in contact with some of my old friends..growing up has its downfalls
15. I hate being outside...ok, I'm getting better b/c of Landon, but I'm not your camping type
16. I hate sharks, snakes and spiders
17. I love weddings
18. Jodi Picoult ROCKS...The Pact, Vanishing Acts, My Sisters Keeper and Nineteen Minutes down, another 8 to go!
19. I just started reading again..I never had a passion for it before now!
20. Blogging is so dang fun..thanks Steph and Krystyn!
21. I LOVED being pregnant!
22. I want 2 more kids ONE day!
23. I have worked at my job for 8 1/2 years and still love it
24. I went to college for a semester and then moved back home!
25. Laffy Taffy is my favorite candy

26. I'm scared to stay by myself at night!
27. I could wear jeans and flip flops daily!
28. I'm an only child
29. My mom weighed 10 lbs 4 oz when she was born
30. I weighed 10 lbs 9 oz
31. and Landon weighed 10 lb 3 oz!
32. I love the Texans and still have faith in them! Come on guys..lets do it right this year!
33. I bite my nails..its so gross!
34. I cant wear perfume or really smelly lotions b/c of allergies :(
35. I've had 7 vehicles
36. I love country music
38. I am my best friend, Melissa's MAID OF HONOR in January!
39. I hate snow skiing, but I love the snow
40. I hate Texas weather but will never live anywhere else
41. I love hearing Landon tell stories
42. I know just about every song that comes on the radio..and Landon is catching up with me!
43. I have one (and only 1) tattoo on my ankle
44. Little babies are the best things ever
45. I love photography..I want a new camera so bad!
46. I have NEVER smoked a cigarette
47. I'm a concert junkie..I love them!!
48. My favorite color is purple
49. I'm not a chocolate fan
50. I miss being on drill team..I love dancing
51. I cant cook, but I can bake!!
52. I dont own a bathing suit
53. I've made many mistakes in my life, but dont regret anything.
54. I love to smile
55. I hate mean & inconsiderate people
56. My house, Landons school and my work are all within 5 miles of eachother! (I hate traffic!)
57. I heart Old Navy
58. I puffy heart Target!
59. I fractured my sternum in a head on collision right after graduation
60. I'm not an animal person
61. I'm allergic to cats
62. We never stop..we are always on the go!
63. I have been to 9 states..Texas, Lousiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Nevada, Florida, Mississippi, Arizona, Colorado
64. I dont know what we did before DVR's! ;)
65. I went to Las Vegas for my 21st Birthday!!
66. I traveled more when I was pregnant with Landon than since I've had him ;)
67. My birthday, Landons birthday and Christmas are my 3 favorite days of the year!
68. My mom was born on her moms birthday!
69. I love going to baby showers!
70. Landon doesnt eat sweets (and thats by his choice!)
71. I want to go to Chicago SO bad
72. I used to want to live in Michigan
73. I omce got paid $20.00 to try a bite of fish (see below)
74. I hate seafood
75. My friends rock!
76. I have been to 4 funerals for friends my age..very scary
77. I love thunderstorms, but I dont like lightning!
78. I didnt like beer until after I had Landon!
79. Pappasitos strawberry margaritas are the best drinks EVER
80. I love music
81. Bargain shopping is my thing...I love to find a good sale!
82. I craved chocolate milk when I was preggo
83. Obsessed w/ Quad families on blogger..they amaze me!
84. I dont check my voice mail
85. Post its cover my desk at work
86. I take things too personal most of the time..need to work on that, I guess!
87. I actually like grocery shopping!
88. I used to wrap (tp..toilet paper) peoples houses all the time (but we had to clean it up the next day!)
89. I lived by myself for 6 months, and dont think I could do it again
90. I am super thankful for my family
91. Death scares me
92. I'm trying to decide to go brown or stay blonde (see last post)
93. I make list for everything, school supplies, work stuff, groceries, ect
94. Personalizing is my thing..I love initials, monogramming, ect on everything!
95. My ears are not pierced :)
96. Whataburgers ketchup id the best..I just love those little packets!
97. If I mess up writing something, I throw it away. I hate scribbles, crossing out things, and wite-out!
98. I dont know what we did before DVR...its just the greatest invention ever!
99. I worry too much
100. I love you guys!!


Krystyn said...

Great list Steph! And, I'm glad to help with your addiction.

Stephanie said...

Okay, I'm jealous because of #56 - 5 miles of each other?! What?!?! In Houston?? Totally jealous.

And I'm the same with #97 - if I mess up, I throw it away and start over. I'm insane about that.

Oh, and I want 2 more kids too :)

Erin said...

Love Greys.
Love Chick Fil A
Love reality TV
I also hate root beer!
No outside for me either
Yes, Jodi Picoult is the best. I wrote an analytical paper about The Pact for one of my English classes.
Jeans and flip flops: the best combination!
What's your tattoo of?
My favorite color is purple too!
Old Navy is my favorite store
I am totally a list person too

Loved reading your list!

Amy said...

What a great list! I love these types of posts because you really get to know a lot about people!

Tam said...

I will so have to come back and read this!!!!!

tozie said...

i was he re cute

Tam said...

So I have been reading and coming and reading...LOL I finished...I do not have the patience to do 100 things about me...LOL Plus if I did YOU guys would never ever read me again. LOL LOL I am quirky!
LOVE CHIK FIL A and yeah I could eat it everday 3 times a day. I hate root beer too is so nasty! I super Heart scrapbooking! LOL NO tat for me I am deathly afraid of all things to do with NEEDLES! LOVE LOVE you list!!!!!

PS MY SON did great...I however am not sure what to do with only 1 little boy home now...LOL It is like so weird.

Kirsten: said...

FYI - you spoke about DVRs twice!!! Come on steph pay attention!!! You are only listing 100 things!!! GEEZ!!! you babe!!!

Rachel said...

ha - I noticed the DVR's twice too! at least you know we were paying attention! :) I have been meaning to make a list of 100 things - its harder than it looks!!! 8.5 years at the SAME job?? crazy!! and Landon doesnt like sweets?? I love chick-fil-a too!!!

great list!

Tam said...

Have a great weekend! After my first full day of school for my little one...I need some mighty fine WINE...heck with wine give me the strongest cocktail possible!

YOU know I am having trouble being a SCRAPBOOKER and all...not being able to take all those first DAY school pictures!!! I need a drink! LOL LOL

Have a great weekend and have some FUN or at least scrapbook!

Blessings From Above said...

Okay...I can so relate to just about everything you posted except for the big babies (LOL) and chocolate. I could never resist chocolate!

Kendra said...

What a great list. I have been waiting to reach my 100th post but it is taking forever! :)

I love chick-fil-a
I also hate root beer and camping.

Elaine A. said...

Good list. I think you just might like DVR... ; )

I love Whataburger ketchup too! Why is it better than any other fast food ketchup anyway?

Anonymous said...

WoW! Where did you have time to type all of these?!?! I Love #8 =)! And I have proof I read (yes READ) all 100 of them b/c #96 is suppost to say "is the best"-LOL

Love you, Melissa aka Your other half =D