Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Love, Stephanie and Landon!!!
Hope everyone has a safe and fun time tonight!!!
Lots of pics to come!!!
Funny little side note...
(PLEASE do not judge our parenting skills by this next statement..we DO not talk like this (or vote like this for that matter..haha..had to throw that in!!) I blame it on public school!)
Last night Landon and Skylah were talking about voting (which was hilarious by the way) They were saying that they wanted to vote for the black guy (I cant believe I'm even repeating this!) because he would be really cool as a president for 8 years! Where do they come up with these things??
Skylah then said that they could go vote as a kid, their vote just wouldn't count! I was explaining that kids couldn't vote, but they could have an opinion.
Landon then proceeds to say... "I know what we can do...we can rip off a grown ups skin and put it on ours...then put on a long jacket and go vote as a grown up"
My child wants to rip peoples skin off????
Maybe we wont be out trick or treating tonight..I don't want him to get any more crazy ideas! lol
(in his defense, he referenced Little Rascals when they go to the bank and pretend to be grown-ups!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday 10

Thanks to Cara and Kim (who is on private!), I have decided to try out Tuesday 10!

10 random/quirky/loveable things about Landon!

1. He dips his apple dippers in ketchup (seriously..he gets 2 buckets at for his nuggets and one for his apples!)
2. No matter how cold it is, he takes his jacket off as SOON as we get in the car...he cant stand to have his seatbelt on while wearing a jacket!
3. He doesnt like sweets...well.. within the last few months, he has started liking a few things, strawberry fruit roll ups, apple lollipops, (and I say apple, b/c he wont eat any ohter flavor) plain donuts, plain cake (no icing) and thats about it!
4. He would eat veggies and/or fruit all day if he was allowed to. I can peel a whole cucumber and he will eat the whole thing like an apple! Same with grapes, apples, carrots, corn, tomatoes, ect!
5. He loves calamari and seafood (which mommy hates!)
6. He knows EVERY and I repeat, EVERY word to EVERY song on the radio (country, rap, r&b) He just loves music! (reason I have to be quick on my feet when "I Kissed a girl" comes on! lol
7. He doesnt like pepperoni on his pizza, but loves cold pepperonis!
8. He has high blood pressure
9. He remembers how to get everywhere..he has the best sense of direction!!
10. He loves his momma so much!! (which makes me the happiest person in the world!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Texans recap :)

Natalie and I tailgating before the gameGetting ready to score touchdown #1...Go Texans!!and #2..SCORE!which leads us to this score...Woo Hoo!!! The crowd was crazy as always!!
Love you girl!! Free ice cream, food and alcohol..does it get any better?!?!
I had to take this one for Landon ;)

The view from our suite!!!

The luxury suite..I dont think her hubby, Jeff would have let her take me if he knew how awesome our seats were ;) Thanks Jeff..I owe you!!

The score..go Texans..we won another game! (thank goodness!)

I have lots more to share with you, soccer games, birthday parties, fall festival, Dewberry farm field trip, and more... but I am done on the computer tonight!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess where I will be on Sunday @ 3:00?!?!?!


Yep...thats right...the Texans game!!!!

Me and my girl, Natalie!!! Woo-hoo!!!

I am so freaking excited...well except for the fact that my son wants to disown me. Eeek...he was SUPER upset :(

Nat called me last night and asked if I could get a sitter on Sunday b/c she had 2 tickets!!

Landon looked at me when I got off the phone and starting crying saying "Now you are going to be one up on me"

WTF?!?! Why is my child talking like a grown person! lol

See...we have only been to one Texans game when he was 3 on Christmas Eve. He said now, that I will have gone 2 times and him only one...

its tough love baby, but mommas got to go!!!

(ok, I didnt really tell him that, but is it bad that I thought it?!?!)

I promised that next time, we will both get to go...lets just hope I dont go in debt trying to find 2 tickets now!

and to my beloved CCBC...

I FINALLY finished Eclipse and started on Breaking Dawn last night! So far, I like Twilight the best. The other 2 have been good, but its until the last 150 pages or so that it gets REALLY good!!

How are you girls doing...what are you reading??

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Favorites...

I love FALL...I've said it before, but I was going through some old pics and decided I would post some of my favorite memories about this time of the year!
Every year we go to Dewberry Farm...if you are from the area and have never been, you MUST go!
They have hay rides, flower picking a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, ect!
This picture was taken of Crystal, Skylah and Landon in 2005!Back when they would let us dress tham alike ;)This was us in 2007 there..another fall favorite...the sunsets!We also try to go to the Oil Ranch (same concept as Dewberry Farm, just a little different!)
Heres my pumpkin with his pumpkin in 2006I love the pumpkin patches too!Petting ZoosEvery few years, mom gets to go out and dress up with her crazy friends!! Gotta love Halloween parties!Then of course the kiddos dressing up...Happy Halloween from TinkerBell and Peter Pan 2006 (which he will kill me for one day!) Carving Pumpkins 2005 Football Season
Fall Festivals 2006
Katy Rice Harvest Festival
Pony Rides 2006
School parties

and of course Thanksgiving!!

Of course there are many more, getting together with family, my birthday, the weather ect, but these were some pics that made me smile!

Any guesses on what he might be this year for Halloween?!?!?! He has been Frankenstein, SuperMan, Peter Pan, SpiderMan, and a pirate!

Skylahs 8th Birthday and Soccer Pics

Landon just started his 5th season of soccer! He loves it and has become very good! We are thinking of joining a competitive league next season though! The Y isnt supposed to keep score (but somehow we managed to remember we were undefeated last year!!)
I think he is ready for a little competition now though!!
Nana and her love!
Go Landon Go!
Skylahs birthday was on the 23rd! We celebrated at home with the family on her bday b/c Landon wasn't going to be at her party (slumber party..see below)
Aren't they so cute?!?!
Then last weekend, Landon packed up to go stay at Mimi and Nanas, and we packed up to have a campout slumber party at Skylahs dad and step moms house!
Crystal is so creative and we manage to throw Skylah some pretty cool birthdays every year!
The girls had there 3 room tent all set up...The beautiful birthday girl...
The 4 coolest moms in our "Camp Skylah 08..STAFF" shirts...The girls making their rhinestone camo bandannas... Opening presents...
We cooked hot dogs on the campfire... we told stories...
we made smores (yummy)...
we bobbed for apples...
and we made...(no, they are not jello shots!!) Jello cups that they had to get the gummy worm out of and eat it all with chopsticks!
They were too funny!and last but not least we attempted popcorn on the fire...but as you can see, that didnt work out too well! ;)We had such a good time..the kids were in the tent and asleep by 12:30 and then all the adults stayed up drinking wine and sitting around the campfire until 4:00 in the morning! (shh..dont tell anyone!)
Here's one more pic of Skylahs mom, Crystal, me and Skylahs step-mom, Les!
and again...we are such dorks, but had a ball! We are having a campout for Landons birthday too in December, so I'm trying to think of fun ideas for that now!!