Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally...a NEW YORK post!! (part 1!)

As most of you know, myself and 4 of my girlfriends went to NYC for my 30th birthday!! 
Natalie and I on our way to get the key to our apartment!  (you cant tell, but I was secretly FREAKING out about renting the apartment..I was praying we didn't get scammed!)
So we drive up and realize we are 4 stories up these lovely stairs!  No elevator..just straight up!  lol
 I took these pics, but they were basically the same ones they put on the Internet when we booked it..not so bad right?!?!
 It said "small kitchen", and pictures dont even do justice on how small it really was!  We didnt care though because we knew we would be doing much cooking!
 Second bedroom..small but totally manageable...
What the internet DIDNT show was this lovely RAT hole in the kitchen (which Crystal QUICKLY duct taped up!)...
 the DUCT TAPED shower (apparently they ran out of tile when they "remodeled" the bathroom!)
the foil covered leaking pipes...
Seriously...after the first night we realized we all needed to drink a few beers to fall asleep!  lol  We did get a really good deal and we were literally STEPS away from Time Square, so we decided to suck it up!  Hey, at this point I was just glad we didnt get completely scammed!  :)

Stacey and I about to go walk around!
 Less than 1/2 a block away...AWESOME!!!
 Birthday dinner #1 at Juniors..very good!
 We even met Spidey!  lol
 The next day we headed out to start one of our bus tours.  They were worth every penny!  Very informative and interesting things we learned!!
 Empire State Building!!
 On the second story of the freaking COLD!!
 These 3 guys were sitting right in front of us..I could almost feel the bugs jumping on me!  lol
We quickly moved up!
 Then we got to the World Trade Center.  I actually felt bad I didnt feel as emotional as I thought I would.  I really expected to walk up and feel totally consumed with emotion.  It was so full of jack hammers and cranes that it took so much away from the actual site.  It was UNBELIEVABLE to see the buildings around it though and to imagine how huge the twin towers actually were.  I cant wait to go back once the memorial area and buildings are done with construction.
 The Twin Towers stood in between those 2 buildings

 Oh yes, we really did the tourist thing and took pics like this! 
 Then we took the Brooklyn is the view of Brooklyn right before we crossed the bridge!

 OMG..scariest moment of my life!  I am afraid of heights and sitting on the edge on the second level of the bus...I thought I was going to DIE!  Looking off of the bus straight into the water just about did it for me! 
 I did manage to turn my camera and snap a few pics..not bad for not really looking!
 The crew in Brooklyn
 Then we headed out for bday dinner #2 at Toni de Napolis.  It was so delicious!!  We really never ate a bad meal!!
 All of us with our waiter!
So there you have the first 2 days of our trip!!  It was the BEST trip EVER!!  Days 3-5 coming soon!!  (hopefully before Easter!! lol)
I have found it hard to post on here too often because I feel like all of my blog friends are now my facebook friends and I am just repeating myself!  So prove me wrong and leave me some blog love!  It might help my rut I'm in :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas card ideas!!!

I LOVE picking out my Christmas cards every year!  Usually I make my own and last year, we had professional pictures taken, so we ordered through them!
This year though, I am SOLD on the shutterfly Christmas cards!
I can never pick just one picture, so I love that they have the option to pick 3-8 pictures!!
I am currently trying to decide between 2 or 3 cards and narrowing down my pictures!

I'm trying to pick a few pictures from over the year and then have our current Christmas picture too!

Check out the photo cards they have available...

They also have some really great calendars
I'm thinking about ordering some for the grandparents and of course for myself too :)

I have used Shutterfly before to order prints and photo books, and they have turned out GREAT!  I cant wait to order my cards this year!  I know they will be perfect for our friends and family to see what the 2 of us have been up to this year!!

Christmas tree is up and decorated, some presents are already wrapped, and the lights are all I have to do is decide which card! (and then finally upload my NYC pics!  lol)
I love this time of year!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New York City in 3 days!!!

 I cant believe it..3 days from now, I will be on a plane to NYC to spend my 30th birthday with 4 of my favorite girls!!!
 and Crystal!!!!

I never thought I would be looking forward to my 30th as much as I am now!  ha  I'll probably go into deep depression when I get back!  lol
Surprisingly, I don't feel like I thought I would about the upcoming bday.  I still feel young, so I guess that's all that matters..right?!?!?

 We have our tickets booked for our bus tour...
We are going to see a Broadway show...either Wicked or Rock of Ages!!!
and meeting up with a friend from high school!!!  I couldn't be more excited!!
Get ready for alot of pics coming soon!!  I plan on working in the new camera as much as I can!  ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm alive!

Seriously???  Its been over 2 months since my last post?!?!  I was WAY behind then, so you have no idea what you have missed by now!  lol
It would take me forever to catch up, so I will do a quick recap and then start fresh!  I cant tell you how fun and refreshing it is to sign on everyday and read all about your blogs!  I guess I just got carried away and forgot all about mine!
I didn't even realize blogger had made it a little easier to upload pics! (finally!) Maybe it wont be so long until I'm back!  :)

WARNING..serious picture OVERLOAD!

Football season has officially begun!  Landon started his first year of tackle and we both LOVE IT! 
These are our awesome little cheerleaders holding the sign for the boys to run through!
 Go Landon!!
 He is the kicker, line backer and tight end!
 Some of his support team! Skylah and Crystal
Nana :) 
 and of course Bryan and Gavin too!
Landon and his best bud Aidan! 
 These pics are out of order, but we made it over to Lafayette right before school started to see Grandpa, Mammy, Tyler and Tayla (Landons half siblings)
 Of course we got in some fun swim days too :)
 1,2,3 JUMP
 Last week the top dancers of So You Think You Can Dance came to Houston!!
 It is always so awesome to see them live!

Thanks to my wonderful friends Nat and Nicole for loving the show as much as I do! 
 Love this girl!!
 Birthday Dance! (as you can tell I am a huge SYTYCD fan!!)

and just to really throw this post all over the place, here is a pic of Landon's NASTY spider bite we got the week before school started!  This was day 2 and believe me, you don't want to see ANY pics from after that day!  lol
I was marking it each night to see how much bigger it was getting!  Yuck! 
 Miss Skylah turned 10 last week!!!
 and what 10 year old doesn't love Justin Bieber?!?!
 Our little family :)
 Nana, Landon and Mimi at his 2nd grade music performance!
 Landon thought they were too cool! (which they are!!!)
Kelly took some awesome pics of Landon and Tayla on picture day for football! 
 Brotherly, Sisterly LOVE!
 This is one of my favorites of the day!  They were cracking each other up!!
 So sweet!!!
 Future Pro player and Miss America!
 So needless to say, after seeing those pics and knowing that I had been in the market for over a year, I decided it was time to get a new camera!!  I decided on the Nikon D3000 and I LOVE IT SO FAR!!!  I have SOOOOO much to learn, but have enjoyed it already!
This weekend we played soccer too!  (we are crazy, I know!)
We will only play about 3 games this season, but we sign up to keep our spot on the team for spring!  lol
Trying out my new camera!!!

 Throw in :)
 Landon running through the sign!

So there you have it..a little catch up (ok, alot more than I planned on!)
I think that might be my most RANDOM post ever!  ha
Hopefully I will be back to blogging more regularly!
Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to give any tips on the camera too!  I know alot of people are very passionate about their Nikons!  :)