Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in 1969...

Scene- Driving back Friday evening from my moms house
Landon- "Mom..you know this whole Texas?"
Me- "What baby?"
Landon- "This whole Texas used to be a desert"
Me- "Really? Where did you hear that?"
Landon- "Oh...my friend told me back in 1969 when the dinosaurs were awake that it was a desert"
Me- (giggling) "Baby...dinosaurs were "alive" WAY before 1969!" (ect, ect...followed by a little history lesson!)
I could not stop laughing! Seriously where do they come up with this stuff!?!?!? First off "this whole Texas" and then "dinosaurs were awake"...man, I love that lil guy!
Maybe he is getting me back for asking my mom when I was little how it felt to ride covered wagons to school!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Shows I am THRILLED that are coming back on!!
(thanks Lindsay for the idea!!)

As most of you know, I am a TV junkie...obsessive and probably in an unhealthy way! lol
Needless to say, I've put Edward (aka..Twilight Series) on the back burner...ONLY for a few days though!! Dont worry CCBC...I'm still reading, but only a little each night!

back to Thursday 13...

1. GREYS ANATOMY...TONIGHT (my numero uno..see this post!! lol)
2. Brothers & Sisters..this Sunday
3. Desperate Housewives..this Sunday
4. Biggest Loser..Tuesday nights
5. 90210..Tuesday nights (and yes, I am talking about the new Beverly Hills 90210..dont judge me!!)
6. Dancing w/ the Stars..every freaking night it seems! ;)
7. Real World/Road Rules..Wednesday nights
8. The Hills..Monday nights
9.Privileged (which I havent watched yet, but I have the first 4 on dvr!)
10. Private Practice..Wednesday nights
11. Extreme Makeover Home Edition..this Sunday
12. Prison Break (again..havent watched them, but they are all on dvr!)
13. JDMA..and is you know what that is, then you are just as much of a tv geek as me!
SO, yes, I still do homework, bathe my child, and spend quality time with him..I just stay up really late catching up on the dvr after he goes to bed! hehe

So, anybody else looking forward to any shows?!?! or have any suggestions for something else I should be watching?!?! HAHA

Happy Thursday my friends!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike Update Part 2

Well, we are ok and got very lucky!!
Ike was no fun, let me tell you..

We had a houseful of 6 (which is normal most of the time, when Bryan and Gavin stay over!) Friday, and then as of Saturday went to 12!

We never lost power, Internet or cable!! Woo hoo

(I did forget to go online and change my lineup for fantasy football (I know, I know!) So my team is hurting b/c some of the players were on bye week or my beloved Texans didnt play) :(

Back to Ike.

Our fence is up, trees are still planted, and our roof is still on! Thats more than I can say for most of our neighbors though. We are very thankful...we seemed to have a bubble around our house! (God Bless!!)

I posted some pics on my last page, but here are a few more..they make me so sad

This is where Hooters and Murdock Pier used to be..

and this is what it looks like still at some gas stations around town

Please continue to pray for the victims of Hurrican Ike...it is going to be a while before things go back to normal in alot of places

Ok...CCBC (Cross Country Book Club for you newbies!!)...

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE what happened to me this weekend.

Here I am trying to finish reading Twilight, just sitting back relaxing...

decided I might be crushing on this Edward Cullen character (lol)...

when Bryan walk in the front door and says...
"You are not going to believe what we just found in the front yard"...
(as he is handing me this....)

yes, you read that right...
Holy Cow...I thought it was a joke, because I had literally just finished saying that maybe I should look for a vampire to date (haha)

No, not a joke. It was really in the front yard (and seriously, where would he have the time to find a vampire cd in the aftermath of a hurricane to play a joke on me with?!?!?)

So needless to say girls...garlic is hanging from all the doorways in my house!! ;)
Lets see if I have enough courage to keep reading this series!! lol I just finished Twilight and I cant wait to start New Moon!!)

Well, I hope everyone else is having a good week...I have more pics to come, but our desktop decided to get a virus and wont let me download them yet!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike Update Part 1

As much as it pains me to look at these pictures, I think it is crucial that everybody understands what Galveston and surrounding areas went through with Hurricane Ike...
These are 2 link that I was emailed by Jenn and Kirsten...



Please take a moment to say a prayer for those that are without their home, their family, electricity, or those still waiting to hear about their loved ones and property.

We are all ok in my family and noone had major damage. We have so much to be thankful for!
I have a full update coming with pics (later today or tomorrow) but I just wanted to update everyone who has been checking in with me!
Thank you guys so much

(on a lighter note..I finally finished Twilight...now I just have to find a store thats open to buy New Moon!!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike!!!

Well, I am one of the 3% of Harris County that still HAS power! They just said that 97% of us were without. (thank goodness!!) We have a houseful now!!
I will update more soon, but just wanted to update we are OK!
Thanks for all the prayers..they WORKED!!
No major damage at our house, but lots of limbs and fences down around!
Hope everyone else is safe and didnt get it too bad!
Hint #1...dont go to HEB at 10:30 at night 2 days before a hurricane is supposed to hit!! This is what I got when I when I got to the bread isle!!!
(and yes, I whipped out my phone and took this pic!)
Umm...those 3 loaves you see were the most random types of bread known to man...blueberry grain pumpernikle, (or some off the wall other crap!!)
No thanks..Landon and Skylah would rather eat spam ;)
Thankfully Walmart (at 11:00 pm!) had some "normal" bread and lots of water!
Here is the projected path...yes, that would be Houston right smack dab in the middle of all that jumble of mess below!!

Heres my problem...I have never evacuated, and as of now, I dont plan to this time.
There are 2 types of people here...
1) the ones that saw what Rita did to the south (and that people are STILL living in FEMA trailers 3 years later) so they evacuate at the first sign of a hurricane...
2) and the people who have evacuated so many times and come home to no damage that dont believe what they see on the news and think we will "just get lucky again this time"
I fall somewhere in between those 2...believe me...I will make the best decision for me and the family in the end!! Its just, we have been SUPER lucky over the last few years in Katy, and I cant imagine sitting in my car for 10 hours just to get a few miles down the highway!
I will keep you all posted after I watch the news in the morning!
What are my fellow Houstonians doing???

Monday, September 8, 2008


A few of my friends have been talking about
The Twilight Saga!!
I tried to buy the first one, Twilight, at a few different places, and they have been out everywhere! Well, I finally got it TODAY!!
So, for all my Cross country Book Club readers...I'm trying to catch up!!!
Steph (the culprit whos read them all (and started them all over again!),
Rachel (whos on the third one ALREADY!) ,
Cara (who I think is about to start the first one like me, once the hubby leaves!), and
Jennifer (who I just found out is reading them and is on the final one)
I'm sure there are others out there reading them too!
I have to admit though..
I cant beleive these girls have convinced me to read about VAMPIRES...this is not usually my type of book!
I did peek into the first pages and see why they like it so much! I cant wait to sit down tonight and really start it!
(and to my wonderful best friend, Lissa... you may think I'm a dork, but you know you still love me!!!! lol)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Fun!

Whew..summer is finally over!!! ;) I dont know what I'm so excited about, because the fall is much crazier than any other time of the year for me!!
Now its the fun stuff though!! Halloween..cooler weather, sports, FOOTBALL SEASON, birthdays, ect!!
Soccer starts next week, so we are pretty pumped for that! Landon also starts tae kwon do on Monday at his after school care! That was one of the main reasons we chose that program...he has wanted to get into karate for almost a year now. I just literally havent had the time! This way, he will do it after school 2 days a week and its one less thing I have to drive to! ;) No worries..pics to come! lol
Kindergarten is going great!!! He gets stamps everyday, and we have had no complaints! Homework started tonight...site words and practicing on his handwriting!!
He came home the second day with this disgusted look on his face...I asked what was wrong and he told me to look in his folder. I wasnt sure what to expect, but I saw a half sheet of paper that had 20 black dots on it..I asked him what it was, and he straight faced looked at me and said..."mom...we had to practice gluing on the dots...LIKE I dont know to glue"
WTF...where did he get this lil 'tude?!?!?!
He is too funny...I guess he thought he was bigger and better than gluing!
I've actually been able to go out to The Red Zone ( my boss and great friends bar) a few times over the past month! I was quickly reminded this last weekend that there is a reason I dont do it more often! Saturday morning was a little rough!!
2 of my favorite ladies!! Crystal and Kirsten!
Its been too long since we went out with the girls! (love you 3 Kirsten!!)
My work family...Mike and Joe Joe!!Lekisha, Crys and me My lil man at the bowling alley!!Happy Birthday Quintin!! (my best friend, Lissas son!!)

Erin (bridesmaid), Lissa (bride to me) and me (maid of honor)
(Which reminds me...the wedding is getting so close...only 4 more months..damn I still need to lose more weight!!)
We are going to have so much fun over the next few months!

2 of my favorite lil men!! Gavin and LanMan

Playing with the gang at Vivians bday party!
Happy 2nd Birthday Vivian!! (so cute..she picked Diego..not Dora!)
So there you have it...a little peak into out lives over the last few weeks!
This weekend I have my wonderful friend, Hollys baby shower! She is expecting her 2nd daughter next month..Charlye!!
and just to toot my own horn...I just realized I had 19 comments on my last post...holy crap...I think I just felt like a mini celebrity! lol Is this how you popular people feel every week?!?!? I remember when I had my 3 faithful Steph, Krystyn and Rachel readers at the beginning! Thanks everyone for making me feel special for the moment! ;)