Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mothers Day/Wedding

My Uncle Charlie got married on Mothers Day.  At first I thought, "really, Mothers Day??"  I quickly changed my mind and couldnt have been happier spending the day with most of my family!

My mom and I...thanks for being such a great mommy and fantastic Nana!!!
Uncle John, Nana, me and Landon!
He who makes my Mothers Day possible!!!
Uncle John, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jane!
Charlie and Alexis during the ceremony! 
The whole wedding couldnt have been more "them"  The black, red, converse, black cake, ect! 
It was perfect for them!
Going outside for a few pictures!
Could he be any cuter?!?!?!
The 2 most important people in my life!!
Close up :)
My cousin, Olivia!
I love this picture!!!
He was up really high!
Papa and Landon
My mom and my Papa
Family pic with the bride and groom!
The beautiful Hannah!!!
Pretty ladies!!!
The kiddos riding the lawn mower!
See the black cake with skulls...delicious but made for some black teeth!  lol
Alexis, Charlie and Landon with the skull cups Landon got them!
My cousin Hannah, me and Landon
You can tell someone was done posing for pictures?!!?!  lol

It was such a wonderful day filled with family and close friends.
Congratulation Charlie and Alexis!!
We love you and cant wait to see you again!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday 10 (+3)!!

I have so many things coming up and I quickly get reminded why I love summer so much!  Its not like I don't have to work, but I sure celebrate summer like I was off!  lol

13 things I am looking forward to...

1. TAYLOR SWIFT concert tonight!!  We bought tickets last October, so I'm just glad its finally here!!  Crystal, Faith, me, Landon and Skylah are going and they made t-shirts and posters last night,
so you know pictures will follow!
2.  Landon's 1st grade Awards on Thursday.  Such a bittersweet moment for me :(  My little baby will be in the second is that even possible?!?!
3. The new Sex in the City movie comes out this week.  I loved the first one and cant wait to see the new one!  I might go Thursday night, but will for sure see it sometime this weekend!!
4. The last day of school is next Thursday and a couple of my good friends, Sharice and Christina are going out to dinner/drinks that evening! (Landon is staying the night with Nana and Mimi since he wont start summer camp until the next week!)
5. Next Friday we are having an end-of-the-year PTA pool party with all the kids and parents !!
6. Anna's graduation party!!
7. Our get together with the Purvis/Benzman/Grauls!!  Love these people and cant wait to see them!  We try and get together often, but its been MONTHS :(  The adults have just as much fun as the kids most of the time!  ha
8. Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday party (which reminds me, I need to get Landon and I a Sesame street shirt! lol) and seriously will she be 2??  I swear we just had your baby shower!!  :)
9. Our monthly dinner with my high school friends, Steph, Rach and Emily!!
10. I'm making baby letters for a friend!
11. Tiffany and Howards wedding!
12.  A trip to Lafayette in late June!  We haven't seen them since Disney!
13. and last BUT certainly not least....
comes out at midnight on Wednesday, June 30th!!!!!!
A group of us got tickets to the trilogy on Tuesday evening to see Twilight @7:15, New Moon @ 9:30 and then Eclipse @ 12:01!!!
Then I'm going with Amy, 2 of her daughters, Steph, & Holly again on Friday to see it again!!!  :)
(I wont even mention that another group of girls is going on Wednesday night and I am considering going!  No way, I would never admit that, because then I might really have an obsession problem!!!)

Disney Pics below in case you missed them!  Part 2 coming soon! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Disney World (Part 1)

Wow, has it really been over a month since we left for DisneyWorld?!?!
We had a WONDERFUL vacation!  So much fun, that I will have to break our trip up in a couple posts!

Day 1
Magic Kingdom!!!
Me and my buddy ready for a fun day!
Goofy is..well, goofy!!!
Goofy's autograph!!
Landon, Aubrey and I waiting for the Haunted Mansion ride!
Our first day was just us 2 and then Ashley, Chris and Aubrey.  The rest of the crew arrived that night.  We were lucky and had great weather..little did we know what the rest of the week would bring us!

Day 2
Orange County Convention Center for Cheerleading Competion..
Landons cousin and 2 other girls in our group were competing (hence why we all went to Disney in the first place!)
The whole group wore our shirts to support the girls!
Beautiful Madison!
Stacey, me and Ashley (Landons aunts)
They did awesome!!
Proud parents!!
1st place BABY!!!!
Day 3 we headed back to Magic Kingdom with the whole group!
We all wore our Saints shirts that day! (all but Landon and I live in Lousiana!)
Mammy and Grandpa
Maria and Keith
It rained pretty much all day.  It started around noon and it NEVER let up :(
We wore our crappy ponchos until we were SOAKED!
Landon and Aubrey waiting for the parade...
that they ended up cancelling :(
(just an idea of how crazy we all looked!  lol)
We gave up early evening and headed back to the house.  Some of the group stayed, but I had enough rain for the day!!

Day 4 we headed to Animal Kingdom!!
They always have a bunch of characters outside the entrance, so we waited to meet a few cool guys!!
Balou Bear


Rafiki's autograph!
Aunt Stacey and Uncle Tate on the dinosaur ride!!
He bought this lanyard with 4 pins on it.  They have a great program that you can exchange pins with any of the Disney workers.  He ended up buying a few more pins and really enjoyed looking for new pins.  All the kids in our group did this and had a great time! (advice...Target sells the same pins for $4.99 and Disney sells them for $8.99-14.99!)
All their pins!!
He is such a ham!!
Grandpa and his ducklings!!
Meerkat!! (I love the way this pic turned out!)
One of the gorillas had just had a baby.
It was so neat to see...she carried the baby around just like a human!
Baby upclose!
The safari is one of my favorite parts of Animal Kingdom.
Here we are riding during another lovely rainstorm!!
The wet elephant!  lol
My camera was not on zoom for this.  I could have literally reached out and touched him!  Crazy!  See why I love the safari so much?!?!
A dry safari ride, round 2!
We then went to ride on one of the raft rides.  We rode and there wasnt a line, so we decided to go again.  I joked and said we were pressing our luck and were bound to get SOAKED this time (since we got off pretty dry the first ride!)  All of a sudden the ride STOPPED and we saw people turning around in line and all the workers turning around and leaving.  WHAT the heck is going on???  After about 15 minutes, we see two workers come out in wadders and start walking in the water towards us!  They had to close the ride down and we had to walk on a 2X4 to get to the emergency exit.
We never really heard why the ride closed, but it was pretty freaky!!
Here we are walking back through the "restricted area!!" LOL
Landon and Ethan ready to watch another show!  (we started to like the shows so we could get inside out of the rain!)
Two peas in a pod!  These 2 had a blast together all week!
That night we went to the Polynesian Resort to watch the fireworks.  The boys played in the sand most of the time and built a sandcastle!
Watching the fireworks!!
It was an awesome end to an great day!!!
Part 2 coming soon!
Sorry it took me so long to post!  I have been trying to make an online photobook too! lol