Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen- TV favorites!!

So, I'm pretty sure its been a few years since I did a Thursday 13, but I'm trying to get back in swing of blogging!!  Lets hope in 2011 that I make more of an effort than in 2010!  lol

So, as most of you know, I have a huge TV obsession!!
I stay up way too late every night watching them, but I love it!

In no particular is a list of what my DVR is set to record every week...

1. Grey's Anatomy
I have to admit, this show has really pissed me off in the last year, but I'm still holding out!  These last 2 weeks have been MUCH better, so fingers crossed!!
The last 10 seconds of last weeks should really change things up in months to come!! (if you know what I mean?!?)

2. American Idol
Wow..I was really impressed last night!  I didnt expect to like the new judges at all, and they really surprised me..I thought it was great!!
Maybe it was time for a change!!

3. Intervention
Crap, this show will make me cry, angry and then happy all in one hour!  Very powerful stuff, and God bless anyone who goes through that at all :(

4. Ellen
Mark my words..I will see her show LIVE in the next year or two!  I ABSOLUTLY love her!  I DVR it everyday!  She is probably the funniest person in the world to me!

5. The Bachelor
Oh Brad..I dont know why everyone gives you such a hard time! lol
He is hot, forgive the man!
Seriously..I have watched all 15 seasons and every year, I say I wont watch it again.  Obviously that doesnt work, because here I am!  lol
Emily if my front runner so far!

6. Private Practice 
LOVE IT!!  One of my top 2 favs!!
The drama..its just too good!!!

7. Brothers & Sisters 
What a dysfunctional family! 
Makes me feel like I'm not so crazy after all!  LOL

8. Desperate Housewives
I am obviously loyal to my shows or I would have dropped this one by now!  It has been a little better this season, its just so unrealistic!  O-well, I keep the ratings up, right?!?!

9. Holly's World
Yep, I said Holly, as in Hef's ex-girlfriend!  Total craziness, but hilarious too!  I'm a sucker for reality tv, what can I say?!?  It starts this week too, so I'm super happy!

10. Biggest Loser
LOVE IT!!  Makes me cry..EVERY lie!
When I cry, I laugh, so my child always looks at me pretty crazy!
Landon is just as obsessed as I am, so I have to wait to watch it with him or he will get mad!  lol

11. CSI, Miami either love him or hate him,
and I love him!

12. Glee
I hate to admit this, but I dont actually watch it yet.  I have over 30 episodes recorded and now I just feel overwhelmed.  Do I need to start from the beginning, or just start now?!?  Help!

13. Kendra
Well, if I watch Holly, you know I have to watch Kendra too!  lol
Hank and Kendra crack me up!  She is so stupid sometimes, but I just think the show is great!  Baby Hank is pretty darn cute too (other than they need to cut his poor hair!  lol)

So there you have it!  A little look into my DVR!!  What tv shows do you love?!?!

(back to my NYC posts soon!)