Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our over due 4th of July weekend pics!!

For weeks we had been planning a 4th of July camping trip with some of our friends. (nevermind the fact that it has been 100 degrees PLUS here everyday) Natalie talked me into joining them for just one night! I figured I was depriving my child by not going and I could survive one night!

After packing on Friday and getting all ready, we got a call from Jeff and Nat that there had been an emergency and they were leaving the campsite. I called them right back and unfortunately a child was missing in the lake. They had search and rescue there and divers were looking for the child :( I felt so awful that I had joked all week about trying to get out of this trip, but never imagined something like this happening. We have been searching onlin andcant find anything on the story. I'm hoping in my hert of hearts that it means the child was found and is ok.

So needless to say, I had a very sad little boy...but the Grauls invited us all over for the 4th to swim, drink, grill and spend the night!

He loves hanging with West and Sean and swimming now! Brooks throwing Landon (and Landon will tell you that he went in the deep end and swam by himself to the side..he is very proud!!)
Nicole and Landon
Oh yeah..dont be jealous..this is my best friend rocking the glowsticks!!!
Hanging out watching the fireworks!
Nicole, Gena, Natalie and Steph with the flash... and without the flash! (oh boy..we are such nerds!)

I think I could get used to "residential camping" Air conditioning, bathrooms, no kind of camping! lol

We ended up having a wonderful time and met new friends! Landon forgot all about camping by the end of the day, hopefully he will last until fall weather before he asks again! lol

The next day we headed to the pool (again) with Bryan, Corky, Gavin and Bryan!
He is determined to give me a heartattack!!

Monday night, Natalie and I took Landon and West to the Astros game.
He made this sign at camp to bring with us!
Landon and West! (Landon looks up to him so much!)
We got there early to try and get autographs...we had great seats but snuck up a few rows to get a better chance!
Hall of Famer, Jose Cruz!! (they both got his autograph on their baseball!)
Happy boys!
Yummy ;)
The other autograph they got was Matsui's!!
My little Astros fan (I caught the Astros ball in his glove!!)
The 4 of us!

There you have it...I am just about caught up now! lol (by the time I get around to posting our trip to Lufkin last weekend and our trip to Lafayette this weekend I will be nice and behind again!)

Loving every minute of our summer...hope you all are too!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun at Mammy and Grandpas!

2 weeks ago we went to Lafayette to visit everyone!
Of course my adventurous child couldn't wait to get on Grandpas NEW motorcycle!

Grandpa getting him all ready! lol cool is he?!?! ;)

2 peas in a pod!
Landon and his cousin, Seth..waiting to watch the girls cheerleading camp show!
Aubrey and Landon
Landon has become really good at swimming (for the new readers..he used to be petrified of the water!) There weren't going to be any adults in the pool so I made him wear these arm floats! We were right on the side, but safety first!
He loved the slide!!
Madison jumping off the diving board!
and guess who followed! (he just adores all of his cousins!)

Just hanging out!
Pretty Madison!
Best buds!
Diva Aubrey laying out!
Its pretty much monkey see-monkey do with the kids, so here he is trying to dive. Let me remind you this was his first time to jump off the diving board! (Natty..we might need some lessons! lol)

Sydney showing us how the big kids do it!
and then my child decides to GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK...he literally does a FLIP off the diving board...I couldn't believe when I saw this picture, because I just about dropped my camera when I realized what he was doing!
They had so much fun!
waiting in line
Somehow I managed not to get many "posed" pics or a single one of Mammy (or any adults for that matter!) Good thing we are heading back next weekend! This will be the first time they have all 7 grandkids together at the same time!
I can only imagine how many picture will be taken! lol
We have had the best time this summer! Landon has gone on so many fun field trips and we have been going non stop! I have lots more pics to upload, but I wanted to stick with our trip first!
I don't know about you guys, but I am already ready for this HOT weather to GO AWAY! It has been over 100 for LONG ENOUGH!
Sorry I've been such a slacker, but I have spent so much time catching up with all of your blogs, I never get around to updating mine! ;)