Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Landons Camo Campout! (and a contest!)

Scratch that, reverse...we will start with the contest! lol Krystyn over at Really, Are you Serious is hosting a giveaway!!! I wasn't going to link to her so you wouldn't go over there and play yourself, but I thought that was just rude of me! Where has my holiday spirit gone?!?! And she is also giving me another entry for mentioning this on my blog, so I guess I better put a link! lol

Its all about making a cook out of anybody, and I must show you this next picture to show what I stirred up! If you know me, I AM NOT a cook! I screw everything up or I just get annoyed with it and give up! SOOO, when my friends found out I was making Landons cake, I think they got a little worried! Have no fear my friends, look what I did....

OH yeah baby...(ok, so whatever, I did get the idea off the internet, but I made it come to life!) Check out my graham cracker sleeping bags, campfire made out of pretzels, trees made out of cornflakes and marshmallows, and dirt made out of crumbs!!!! So anyways, wish me luck with the cake contest (you know, the one you should have clicked on up there and entered yourself by now!) Krystyn (aka Em and Izzy) made a butterfly cake that turned out so cute! Look at us little Betty Crockers in the making!!

Now on to my little 6 year olds birthday party!!! (which seems like it was months ago, but was just 3 weekends ago!) He decided to have a campout like Skylahs a few months ago!

The front of his shirt...
and the back!!
Getting the living room all set up for camp! We had to move our coach and love seat out of the living room!The final campgrounds (trying to hide the Christmas tree!)
Aunt Lissa and the birthday boy playing in the backyard!!
Rough and tough boys!
Football huddle!
Me and my little helper Devon!Ready to make some hot dogs!!All the boys in the outside tent eating dinner!
My lovely best friends..aka Camp Leaders for the night! Love you girls..thank you for helping out! Couldn't have done it without you all! (and Jeff!)
Lined up about to watch the bottle of Pepsi and mentos explode! lol
Time for SMORES!!!
and presents!
and surprisingly enough, all NINE boys were asleep by midnight!
Eating yummy donuts the next morning!
All in all, it was a great birthday party! It will definitely be a few years before I try and tackle that again though! WHEW...9 boys is quite a lot!
I still have more of his birthday posts, Q & A coming up tomorrow morning, Christmas and some other things to post about, but I figure I can make you wait a little bit longer! lol
Dont miss yesterdays post and make sure to come back tomorrow for my 100th post Q & A!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 10~Lissa's Bridal Shower

In true "Cara fashion", I thought I was due for Tuesday 10!! I am super behind at blogging, so who knows, you may just get a few posts from me this week! But what better way to start it off than with my besties Bridal Shower pics!
Oh Lissa...(one of my best friends, one who happens to makes fun of my blog!)
I will dedicate this Tuesday 10 to you!!!

I love you very much girl and couldnt be more proud than to be your maid of honor! I cant get too mushy or spill too many secrets (those are being saved for my speech!)
I can tell you though that this girl and I have been through EVERYTHING together!
High school, roomies in college, babies, ups, downs, and everything in between!
Only 3 more weeks until the wedding!!!

1. Erin (bridesmaid), Lissa (bride-to-be) and me (maid of honor)

2. The cookie bouquet that we made, memory scrapbook and the game gifts!

3. Some of the yummy food!
4. Our delicious Raspberry Kamikazes!
5. Our signature self portrait...we probably have a couple hundred of these from over the years!
6. Some of the gifts!
7. Landon picked these out Hobby Lobby and wanted to get them for Uncle Mike and Aunt Lissa (he may not say it all the time, but you know he loves you Lis!!)
8. Her beautiful soon to be step daughter, Jordyn!!
9. Isn't this just the cutest cake?!?! They are going to Florida on their honeymoon!
10. Miss Princess..the winner of the game!!

I Cant tell you how excited, proud, nervous, and happy I am for this wedding! I am so nervous about my speech I could throw up! Hopefully I don't pass out! ;)

I love you Lissa...thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me such a special part of your special day!!

Lots more posts to come...seriously!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Myspace Graphics
Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!
I have so many posts to catch up on, but I have way too much to do before Christmas still!!!
100th Post Q & A, Lissa's Bridal Shower and Landons 6th Birthday all coming soon!!
Stay safe, drink lots of egg nog,
get lots of presents,
take lots of pics,
and remember the true meaning of Christmas during it all!!!
Love, Steph!
Landon had his tonsils and adnoids removed last week and is doing GREAT!! 5 days after his birthday and 8 days before Christmas, so I am super happy that he is doing so well! He has slept throught the night since and has had minimal pain! Thanks for all your happy thoughts and prayers!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Dear Landon,

December 12th, 2002...
I thought I loved you more than I could ever love anything in the whole world...then at 6:25 pm you were born. That moment I experienced a love I never thought was possible! You were beautiful...all 10 lb 3 of of you!

December 12th, 2003...
You were just the cutest little (big) boy I'd ever seen! You were walking already and had a mouth full of teeth! You gave me a run for my money sometimes, but you loved your momma!! I loved you even more which didnt seem possible to me!!

December 12th, 2004...
AHH...the terrible 2's were in FULL force! Somehow after all your tantrums, fits, and "episodes" you would have, I went to bed every night thanking God for letting me be your mother! You pretty much stayed in that lovely toddler
stage, but it all seems like a distant memory now! I wont go in to detail of when you ran away from me in the parking lot, tried to pull down my curtains, bite me when I put you in time out, or any of those other moments you blessed me with that year! Just that I still loved every moment I was your mom!

December 12th, 2005...
Wow...times sure changed this year! You became such a joy to be around! You were at your Montessori school and became a little boy! You could do everything on your own, but still loved for mommy to help you! We started movie nights and getting to do more fun things together..just the 2 of us!

December 12th, 2006...
You had such a personality! Your stories, vocabulary, and humor was hilarious!! You made everyone laugh and smile around you, and once again, I was so proud to be your mom!

December 12th, 2007...
I remember waking up thinking..."5 year old??? Really? Where has the time gone?" My little bugs, pooks, Lan-Man, boogs, bubs was getting so big and I was sad and happy all at once! Your sense of humor and personality continued to grow and make so many people smile!

December 12, 2008...
You are now in kindergarten and have become everything and more that I thought you would be! You are so smart, funny, handsome, and witty! I love you more today than I ever have in your whole life!

Thank You for making me so proud Landon! I love you with my whole life, heart and soul! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I cant wait to make so many more memories with you! (and dont worry, I will still love you with all your tough teenage years to come...please take it easy on mom though!!)
Happy 6th Birthday Landon! I love you so much!
Love, Mom

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday 10..Dewberry Farm Field Trip

OK, these pics are old now, but I never got around to posting them! ;)
I figured why not make them my Tuesday 10 this week!
We went to Dewberry Farm for his kindergarten field trip last month!!
We had so much fun!
(please dont mind the chia pet hair cut Landon has or my lack of makeup!
It was super hot that day! lol)


4. 5.

I survived the bridal shower this past weekend and have lots of pics to put up still, but I have to go finish watching the Hills! lol
Hope you all have a fantastic week! I have lots of stuff coming up, so updates to follow!
(and apparently, I dont leave alot up to question, b/c I only got 2 questions for my 100th post Q & A!!..either that or I am super boring and why would you want to know anymore! lol) You still have a little time to get them in if you want!!
Love yall!!! ;)
Oh yeah...Happy Birthday Cara, Tam, April (who has the same bday as Landon (12-12)!!) and anyone else I might have forgotten!!! Hope you all had wonderful days!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Celebration, surgery, and more!!

OK, I finally got around to posting my birthday pics!
We went to The Red Zone and had such a wonderful time (I think!)
I had a lot to drink (wine to be exact!)
After looking at the pics I realized my hand was never without good ol faithful
(aka my wineglass!)
My bestest best of the best friend Crystal!!!

My other best of the best, Melissa! OK, who says a girl cant have 3 best friends?!?!? Here is my other bestie, Natalie!Some of the girls from work!!
The Youngs!!
Oh, no glass was behind Johnny!
Most of the group! I love my friends...thanks to each and every one of you!!!
Me and Jaime!
Self portraits always seem like a good idea when you are drinking!
Another group shot!

Audrey! My co-worker..and friend! more drinks!!
Judy, Em, Christy and me
Late in the night! ;)

So there you have it...the last birthday I will be celebrating!! lol I couldnt have asked for a better week!

My schedule is so freaking full I cant even see straight!! This weekend is my best friend, Lissas bridal shower. (I'm the maid of honor!!) Next Friday is Landons 6th Birthday, and the next night is his bday party!! The following Wednesday he is having surgery. He has to get his tonsils and adnoids removed :( I think the only good thing about being so busy is that I havent found the time to stress about it!! I know he will do great, but if you could all say a little prayer for him (and mommy!) I would greatly appreciate it!! I've heard good and bad stories on the recovery, so feel free to share if you have been through it. I would love to hear your stories. Then, as we all know, Christmas is the next Thursday!! We leave for his grandparents the morning after to celebrate Christmas with them in Lafayette! So, in case you missed that, Landon will turn 6, have surgery and Christmas all in 13 days!! I crazy?!?!?! (on second though, dont answer that!!)

Also, take a second and swing by Stephanies blog to wish her a Happy Birthday and Caras blog too!!!

and to Aprils blog to wish her a little something special too!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry of I havent commented on all of your blogs..I truly did read all of them, I just didnt have to time to comment on almost 100 updates!!

December 2nd...really??? Christmas here we come!

Dont forget about sending me some questions for my Q & A for my 100th post...I'm almost there!!! Either comment or email me at