Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Disney World Vacation!!!

I couldn't possibly explain how wonderful our trip was in words! We had a fantastic time! Hopefully you will enjoy these pictures and see the magic in our eyes! Landon was at a perfect age..he was tall enough for almost every ride and everything was still magical to him!

Here we are at 6:00 in the morning at the airport! Our first full day, we went to Magic Kingdom and had breakfast at Cinderellas Castle.When we first got there we got to meet Cinderella and take pictures and get autographs!Once we sat at our "Royal Table" all the princess' came to talk with us! I highly recommend eating there if you ever go with kids! It was worth every penny!

It rained every day while we were there. Pardon the hat and rain look we all sure kept us cooler though!
HSM parade and show! Landon and his cousin were chosen to dance with them!
The pool at the house was awesome..they would actually be at the parks and ask when we were going home to swim! Crazy kids!
Grandpa and Landon w/ the t-rex made out of legos!
Our backyard!
The living room! (as you can see..I DIDNT want to come home!)
My baby
Mammy (Beth) Pam and Steph
All the kiddos! Jacob, Madison, Seth, Landon and Aubrey!

Silly Boys!


This was our bedroom..usually after vacation, you cant wait to sleep in your own bed..not in this case! That was the most comfortable bed EVER! It was like sleeping on a cloud!
Landons favorite part of the room! lol

Well, that was just a "few' of the thousands of pictures we took! We had the times of our lives, and it was hard to come home! But we had plenty of people who were patiently waiting for us to come home! Mom and Mimi cant go that long without their baby! ;)


Tam said...

WOW! Great Pictures!

OK I love the house you stayed at and probably would have just wanted to hang out there and not do anything else...hehehe! It was totally awesome!

glad you had a great time and YES I am one of those MOMS who has not taken her kid to Disney YET...but hopefully soon since we live totally close. I know it is sad but I keep waiting for the perfect age. They are now 4 snf 2....I guess I will have to jump in soon with both feet first!

I love your pictures and Man what an awesome DISNEY SCRAPBOOK you can make! All the great Disney Stickers out there!

Have a great week!

Rachel said...

That looked like so much fun!! that was an AWESOME house!!! I'm 24 but I would still like to eat with the princesses!! haha - glad yall had such a great time! GREAT PICS!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Krystyn said...

Great pics! I'm glad you all had such a fun time! Landon looks like he really enjoyed it, too (haha)!

Stephanie said...

Those are great pictures! Landon looks like he is having a blast the whole time. It's such a magical place! Even for adults :) Wherever did you stay? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
I cannot wait until Karys is old enough to one day take her. I've got a few more years before that though :)

just jamie said...

Holy moly that was a lot of pictures. Love that! What a great intro to your blog.

Thanks for visiting. Your son is darling.

The Brew Crew said...

It looks like you had so much fun!!

OMG I just saw your new countdown! I am dying to go to MADONNA! Are you trying to get tickets?? I know they go on sale this weekend. :o)

Kirsten: said...

love the pix babe!!! looks like ya'll had an AWESOME time!!! glad you had a well deserved vacation!!! can't wait to see the rest of the pix!!! XOXO

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Looks like you had a great time. We just got back about three weeks ago, so I totally understand everything going on. Thanks for stopping by my place.