Thursday, June 12, 2008

OK, So I stole the idea from Rachel (Steph and Krystyn actually did it a while back too!)
13 Things in my office ( or on my desk!)
1. I know you are surprised..a picture of Landon!! lol I love this pic of him and Skylah washing the car!
2. My massive stapler! This thing would puncture metal! ;)
3. My beloved Diet Coke!
4. My rinky dink fan from Walmart! Its just perfect for me though! I have a corner office ( wow..dont I sound important!) and it gets pretty hot in here!
5. BIC pens..I love cheap pens...seriously..the cheaper, the better!
6. My Landon montage! You didnt think I only had ONE picture of this sweet face, did you!!!
7. Sudoku book (for those slow days!!)
8. My devotional calender
9. my cell phone
10. my daily planner
11. Snack drawer!! (and its currently stocked weight watchers appropriate!)
12. My hand sanitizer
13. a whole bunch of work I should be working on instead of blogging! lol


Tam said...


Krystyn said...

Good post!

Always fun to peek in on other people's desks.

Stephanie said...

I love the desk T13's. Maybe I'm nosey but I love new ideas. I may have to take that sudoko book idea from you... And I'm a bit afraid of that stapler!

Blessings From Above said...

I love it, that's such a cute idea for a post.

Have a good weekend! TGIF!!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

That is such a creative idea for a Thursday 13! Love it! I like the Landon Montoge. Such a cutie pie he is! (Landon is my brother's name too!)

So nice to meet you and I love your blog! Fingers crossed about the Target giveaway! I'm just thrilled to have another reason to "need" to go! :)

have a great weekend!!

amanda said...

just came over from kristen's world to say congrats on the award :)

and you are right, you can't just have one picture of his sweet face!! he is just too cute!

Kristen said...

I have something for you when you get a free moment! :)

Tam said...

Congrats on YOUR Blog award!

Rachel said...

I have that same big bottle of hand sanitizer!!! haha :)