Friday, August 1, 2008

Hair Color?!?!

I've always been a blonde...pretty much thought I always would be!
Last November I decided to go was a bit much at first, but it grew on me!
This last time, it was spring/summer and my hair dresser and I decided to put a little more blonde back in.
Now its time to go again, and I need a little help...who else to ask but you guys!?!?!
1. Blonde
2. Blonde w/ brown low lights!
3. Blonde w/ Dark brown low lights!
This was actually the week that we did it darker..the next 3 pictures were taken on the same day, so you can tell that it looks different from all angles!

So..can you help a girl out please!?!? 1,2, or 3?!?!
It may not look totally different to you guys, but it seems completely different to me! ;)
Happy Friday to you all..hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Stephanie said...

I like the blonde. I've always thought of you as a blonde though. Why not go blonde for the last few months of summer and then go dark? Then you can have the best of both worlds :)

Krystyn said...

I like option 2! The middle ground!

Erin said...

i love it when it's dark. go with 3!

Blessings From Above said...

I like the first one. Blondes have more fun!!!

Kirsten: said...

i like 2!!!

Indy said...

I like the first one. But I am a blondie and I always go light. Keep us posted.

Rachel said...


Tam said...

I am bad with color! BAD I have just painted my bathroom 3 times in the last 4 weeks because I am so bad with color....LOL LOL GOOD LUCK!