Thursday, February 5, 2009

'09 has been non-stop!!

I will start with my favorite part of this last month...Melissa and Mikes Wedding festivities!!! I have enjoyed the last few months planning and throwing showers, ect, but I had the best weekend for the wedding!
We started off Friday night at Spaghetti Warehouse!
The bride to be and maid of honor!!
The bride and her girls!!I made this hoodie for her to take on her honeymoon!
The beautiful flower girl and Aunt Steph!!
All my goodies Lissa got the the girls!!
I LOVE my bag!!Then the next day we left our house at 6:00 AM to go get our hair done! (it was a noon wedding!) Here is the beautiful bride ready to leave!!
Her yummy, delicious, beautiful cake!!
All dressed and ready to say I do!!! (I mean..I will! lol)
I love her too pieces!!
Lissa and Erin
Look how good he cleans up! lol My handsome little man!
All the girls during the ceremony!

Mr & Mrs Roberts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erin and I with our pretty flowers!
My heart!
Nana and Landon
Best Buds... Landon and Quintin
and of course Austin too!
Look at Landon trying to catch the garter! (little did he know he would soon fall in love w/ bikini girl! lol)
Sitting in the limo headed out for their honeymoon! My hair (at the end of the day!)
Thanks again for making me such a special part of your day! I enjoyed every second of it (and managed to get through my speech w/o making a TOTAL fool of myself!)
I love you both very much!!!
(don't you feel bad making fun of my blog when I do such nice posts about you?!?!?!)
The rest of these are no particular order, just stuff we have been up to over the last few weeks!!
Gavin giving Steppie sugar!! (notice how hard he is squeezing my face!)
Drew Boo and me The week before Bryan left we took the kiddos fishing at Mary Jo Peckham park.
Crystal and I letting Bryan do all the work :)
Gav taking a snack break!
Landon and Bryan hard at work!
Waiting for a bite!
Skylah waiting patiently!
Natalie and I on NYE
Eating some fabulous food and hanging out! Us being the dorks we are!!!
My little guy!!! (between the fireworks and the fire it was super smokey!!)

And last BUT MOST CERTAINLY not least (lol) Please check out my friend Krystyn blog!!! With the help of Sherry, she is having a giveaway with FABULOUS prizes!! Sherry's stuff is absolutely ADORABLE! I have my eye on her tote bags...which are SUPER cute!!

Our schedule is still in full swing...(I swear I thought after the wedding that things would slow down for a while!!) Just this month we have a bday party, a trip to Lafayette, 4 birthdays, Valentines Day, a play to go to, and a dinner date planned!! Not including soccer season which starts tonight!!!

Hopefully now that I am caught up, I will be better about blogging! I have sure missed it!


Krystyn said...

You never slow down, do you?

You guys look fab at the wedding. I love the attendant's dresses! Everything looked stunning.

My mom lives like 1.5 miles from that park....I don't know if they've fished there, though!

Cara said...

Looks like you've been having tons of fun! The pics form Melissa's wedding are beautiful and you guy all looked fantastic. Landon is going to be such a little heartbreaker! Hopefully he will find someone a little classier than "bikini girl" though. ;)

Have you done the free putt putt golf at Peckham park? So much fun!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

beautiful wedding pictures!! ahh, i love weddings.

Emily said...

Yes, we have fished at Mary Jo Peckham and I have never caught a thing there! Joe and Zach caught a ton one day when they stocked it. How did you do? Your son is so freaking handsome! I love the bridesmaid dresses! What a pretty wedding!

King Quads said...

Could Landon be any cuter?

I love love love the black and white dresses...just beautiful.

Great post!

Indy said...

Everything was just beautiful! Love all of the pics.

Stephanie said...

I saw a lot of Melissa's pictures online too. She was beautiful. And I loved your dresses - they look great!

You are so busy it's insane. I don't understand. :) Happy Friday - have a great weekend!

Amy said...

What a pretty wedding! Where was it? My girls love to fish, but I am horrible at it!

April said...

Great pics from the wedding...and I really love the girls dresses!

You are such a busy girl but you ALWAYS look so happy and content in all your pics! :-)

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

That is all? Really, come ON! j/k I love that you stay so busy. The Hoodie is adorable and I love the tote. I loved it all...dresses, hair, Landon, Kisses, is all fantastic. Glad you got to take some time to POST.

PS-Thank you for "following my blog", I feel so special. Looks like you are a Rock Star Mommy and Friend.

Kirsten: said...

Lil Miss Busy Bee...GEEZ!!!

Kimmie said...

I loved every single one of those pics. The wedding looks like it was so beautiful and little/big man was totally handsome. Leading the good life chica and I love reading about it :)

Tam said...

I have no idea how you keep up the pace you keep. DO tell us your secret? I have not stalked over in a long time...I have been a bad bad blog stalker lately...but I am making up for it from today forward!...I hope! Great POST and loved all the pictures!

Rachel said...

sorry it took so long to read - I wanted to wait until I had time to view all the pictures :) they all look so great! Congrats to the new Bride and Groom!!! You really are a busy busy girl! How do you keep track of it all??? Planner? I can only imagine what your calendar looks like!

Anonymous said...

My Favorite blog of All!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tears reading the ending of the wedding pic's. I'm sorry for the blog jokes, I'll stop (at least try-Lol), I will! You are such an Amazing Best Friend & I love you for everything & my hoodie was Awesome! Mike & the boys love you to pieces too! Thank You SOOOO Much for being such a Wonderful Maid Of Honor, don't know what I would have done without you! I couln't imagine having anyone else being right there next to me all the way:)
Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about my wedding, I loved them!!
Love Best Friend (Lissa)