Friday, May 15, 2009

One more day!!!!

The Cystic Fibrosis-Great Strides walk is finally HERE!!!

We are going to Cara's dads tonight for pizza and beer (yes, that's how us Texans do it!!), and the big walk is tomorrow morning!!!

In case you haven't been paying attention (lol) or are new to my blog, please visit HERE to see what all this "Cara" talk is about!!

Our team is up to 35 members and has raised $9,420!!!!!

We are shy ONLY $580 from our goal of $10,000!!!

I'm here LAST minute to ask if anyone can help us reach that goal! Every dollar you could donate gets us closer and is greatly appreciated!!!

I am so proud to be a part of this hard working team!

I finished our (Lissa's and mine) shirts this week and cant wait to join the team in the morning!
Heres a sneak peak!!! :)
Of course there will be more pics coming soon! (as long as I don't look too crazy and sweaty! lol) Its supposed to be in the 90's, so we will pray for low humidity!!

Please help us make CF stand for Cure Found!

Here is the link to my page...

Thanks so much for all of my friends and family who have helped me reach my personal goal!!!

Thank you too for all the prayers that have been said for my sweet friend, Cara!! I cant wait to give her a big hug tonight!


Krystyn said...

I've left a little donation.

Have fun tomorrow.

April said...

I hope the weather was gorgeous for your walk, not too humid!!! What a great cause!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Love the shirts, how did the event go? Sorry I didn't get to donate, been away for way too long..I am trying to get back into it all. I sent you an email so you can now view my blog (again). Maybe one day I can make it available to all. That would be nice. If you have any problems with the email link...let me know.

Boyer Family said...

I hope your walk was great. You are a great lady helping in so many ways. Did you end up meeting your goal?

Whitney said...

Love the shirts! Hope the walk went well!

Cara said...

It was SO GREAT seeing you!!! Next time I'm in town we need to grab lunch or something so that we can really talk, without me running around in 100 different directions. :)