Friday, October 2, 2009

Random thoughts!

  • Landon has football every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays..he is so freaking cute in his uniform and is such a good player!  Wears me out, but he loves it!!
  • I have been to 4 PTA meeting or trainings this month!  (not complaining, but it has been very time consuming!)
  • I booked Landons birthday party!  (Dec 12th!)  His bday actually falls on a Saturday this year!  I still cant believe my baby will be 7!
  • I went to Learning Express this week and bought one of Landons bday ant farm.  Boy, times have sure changed...just a few years ago I would have never imagined having an ant farm in my house!  lol
  • I started Christmas shopping last week!! (and just to really scare you...if you get paid weekly, only 11 more paychecks until Christmas!!)  Scary!
  • Landon decided to be a boxer for halloween this year.  Only problem..I went to 4 stores and they are already out of mediums everywhere :/ (it was still September people!!!) So I had to bite the bullet and order it online!  It came in yesterday and looks so freaking cute on him!
  • I completed my first fundraiser as The Fundraiser Chair!  It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!
  • I have 2 more sets of baby letters to make!
  • I have 3 friends pregnant with boys right now!
  • Still have my family reunion trip to post (and a few more!)
  • I dont have enough time in the day for tv, facebook, work, homework, and being a mom!  lol  Meing a mom and homework is trumping all my extra curricular activities these days!  ;)
  • Actually, I just stay up WAY too late to try and catch up on ALL the shows I DVR! 
  • Biggest Loser is starting out so good this year!!  I sure as heck hope Tracy goes home soon though!
  • The new Jason Aldean cd is awesome :)
  • Landon told me the other day that if you cant find a wife, that you can just buy a kid!  Wow...the things that come out of this kids nouth CRACKS me up!  
  • and last but certainly not least...guess what I got this week?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I cannot wait...we are going to have sooooo much fun!  I am meeting up with some fellow bloggers, so I'm sure we will have pics!  ;)
So there you have it...a little of whats on my mind!
I really have to get on the ball with updating!  I'm am getting super behind!!
Hope you are all ready for some fall weather..I know I sure am!!!
Happy Fall Ya'll!!!! ;)


Kirsten: said...

It really is CRAZY how fast the year has gone by...ughhhhhhhhh!!! I am sooooooooo not ready to start shopping...guess someone needs to start paying their child support!!! :)

Kirsten: said...

Christmas shopping that is :)

Tam said...

Great POST and well I already had to order my boys their costumes from online also!!! LOL LOL My first native wanted to be a Robot! LOL IT was not in Savannah anywhere!

Krystyn said...

Whew! You never stop moving. I bet you sleep like a rock!

Rachel said...

Wow - that's a lot of football and PTA!!! haha :) I am attempting to SEW my own costume this year.... please pray for me - of course I will post no matter how good/bad it turns out...

and YAY NEW MOON!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yay for our New Moon tickets! That's something I'm really looking forward too.

Have you tried Ebay for his costume? Just a thought? I got Karys' there for her 1st Halloween.

And as always, you are insanely busy. Crazy girl!

Alicia W. said...

I was blog hopping and yours is so cute that I just had to say hello! I'm Alicia from S.C.. Nice to meet ya! :) Have a great day.

P.S.. I'm so excited for New Moon to come out I can hardly stand it.