Monday, November 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

In case you all have been under a rock, you already know I LOVE reality and dance shows!! ;) 
So, when I got the call from Natalie asking if I wanted to go see SYTYCD on tour, I was SUPER stoked!!
Nat and Steph

We had great seats!
Opening number!

Janette and Brandon

Philip and Janine!

If you watch the show, you know exactly what dance this is!  lol

Melissa, Kayla and Janine

Janine and Brandon!!!!!

This would have been such a great pic if it wasnt so blurry :(

I tried to catch it again, but no such luck!  lol

My camera died about 1/2 way through, so I am patiently waiting on the rest of the girls pics!!
It was soooooo much fun and I cant wait to go again!!


Cara said...

HOW FUN!! You really got some great pics, Steph!

Kimmie said...

Oh man, I am so jealous you got to go and talk about AWESOME seats! So happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Man, those girls all have some seriously musclular legs. Crazy how in person is so different then on tv.
I def want to go to the next show from Season 6. Im loving it so far. Do you have your favorites yet?

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

No clue about the show, but sounds fun. Glad you got to go and had great seats.

Krystyn said...

Emily loves that show...what a fun time you had.

Stephanie said...

I think everyone but me watches this show. I hear it's awesome! I am glad you got to go and had a great time!

Tam said...

YOU go girl! You have the most amazing FUN! I have to live through your posts!!! LOL

Rachel said...

OMG!! I am SO JEALOUS!!!! Thats so awesome! You did have great seats!!! This season is really good!!!! I LOVE this show!!

ModernMom said...

Just found your blog through Really, Are you serious! You have such a sweet site here! Great pics of your night out ohhh and Happy Birthday!

April said...

Oh how cool!I would have LOVED To seen them live!