Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A forgotten post!

While I was downloading Landons birthday pics (which are in the post below if you missed them!), I realized I never posted my birthday pics!  OOPS!
It was over 2 months ago, but whos counting?!?!

Yet another wonderful cake by Lissa!!
She matched my evite PERFECTLY!!
What was even more special was that it was a total surprise for me!
She had football tickets in Ohio and wasnt going to be able to be at my party :(
Her and Crystal planned this and it was so sweet! 
I am not a "fancy, get dressed up" kind of girl!  I opted to have a girls night in, gamenight, pajama party!!
Crystal took the theme and got super creative!!
Some of my fav cookies on the checkers board!
She even made "dice" made out of my pic...
thats enough Steph to scare you!  lol
Some of the games we had to chose from!
Delicious Sangria!!
Myles (the only boy allowed!)
Check ot Crystals footed pajamas!!
Jess, thanks for making it that night and being one of the last people to leave!!  You are one of the only reasons I enjoy working upstairs now!  :)
Mandy, thanks for staying up late for me! 
You are the other reason I'm glad I'm upstairs! 
Thanks for being a great lunch buddy and friend! (not associate!  haha)
Amanda, you dont know how much it meant to me that you were there that night!  Casper, camping trips and keg parties!!!  lol
Vicky, you are the funnest girls I know!  All of my friends talked about you for weeks!  You are such a geniune person and I'm so glad to call you my friend!!
Kirsten, love you bunches and still thank Mike for introducing you to his "dorky" friends!  We are always down for some good time wood!  ha
Natalie, thanks for just being you!  I'm so glad to call you one of my best friends!!  10 years and going strong!!
Movies, concerts, Chick Fil A on a Saturday night, I always know who to call!!
Faith, my adopted sister!!  Thank you for always "getting" me!  I'm so thankful for your friendship.  Thanks for giving me the 2 cutest nephews too!!!  :)
Crystal, oh Crystal, thanks again for yet another fabulous birthday!  You made this birthday so special and perfect!!  You are the best friend and sister anyone could ever ask for!  Thank you (I could never tell you that enough!!)
Somehow I managed not to get a pic with Judy and Emmie, but thank you girls for being was so much fun having you there!
(even though you both kicked our butt in the Friends game!!)
Also, to Holly, you were so sweet to still drive over just to give me my awesome present.  So sorry you missed the party, thanks for not staying and getting us all sick though!

We had the most fun playing Pictionary!
Can you guess what Vicky was trying to draw?!!?
The word was "pause"
She was trying to draw the pause button, the top 2 were the tv and the remote!!  hehe

Time for All Play!
We had such a fun night!  Here is our winning team!  :)

Now you can see why I didnt want to skip this post!
I have the best friends a girl could ask for!!  To each and every one of you (even the ones not there!)
You girls ROCK!


King Quads said...

What sweet the pj your pj's! That sounds like such a fun party to me, the cake is so cool too.

Kimmie said...

What a super fun post. You are beyond lucky and I love that you cherish your girls so much. My kind of birthday :)

Kirsten: said...

Ahh, what a super sweet post!!! Love you bunches and forever grateful for GU3 introducing us!!! Here is to many more birthdays to come!!! Dirty Thirty is NEXT!!! XOXO

Cara said...

Awww, it looks like you had such a great birthday! You definitely deserve it! :)

I loooooooove Pictionary even though I am quite possibly the worst drawer on the face of the Earth!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

That looks and sounded like an awesome birthday party. So much fun and girl time. Great idea as I am not huge on dress up either. PJ's are more my CUP of TEA!

Stephanie said...

Looks like such a fun party! I saw the cake on Melissa's facebook a while back. Too cute!!!

Tam said...

Wow GREAT CAKES! The birthday party looked like wicked fun!

Oh I love Guialna and Bill! And I do Like NIP/Tuck...LOL coming out of the steps!

Hope all is going great for YOU!

Kristin said...

What a FUN birthday party!!! I love the cake and all the crafty stuff, so cute! I'm glad you had a good one!

Thanks for the Scentsy referal!! I appreciate it! =)

Emily said...

I'm still upset I couldn't make it :-( Hanging out for game night with a bunch of middle schoolers was pretty darn lame.

The Cochran Crew said...

Such fun!!! I want a PJ party!!!!! Love the checkerboard with cookies, great idea!!!