Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun filled weekend!!

Wow, we sure had a great weekend!!!
Friday night started out with Devons birthday dinner at Clays!

Happy 12th Birthday Devon!! 
We love you lots and were so glad to spend another birthday with you!
Love the glasses crazy kid!
Devons beautiful mommy and sister!
Having fun!
Landon and Tay!
Some of the "adults" (I use that word loosely!  lol)
After dinner he wanted to go see Alice in Wonderland!
We didnt go until 10:10 so I fully expected Landon not to make it all the way through!  I prepared myself not to be mad for wasting money!
To my surprise, we all made it through! 
I wasnt a huge fan of the was ok, but not anything major!
Johnny Depp is one STRANGE character!

The kiddos standing in line!
Um, I dont even know what to say about this pic!
Dev and Steph :)
Saturday morning, Landon had a soccer game!
This is his 8th season, but 1st season with the new league!
He has been doing great and we are really liking the new team!
Saturday Landon scored 10 (yes, ten) goals!!!
Nana pays him $1 a goal, and after 3 games he has almost $20..Nana might go broke this season!  haha
He kicked it, tripped and fell, but it still made it in there!!
After the game, Landon stayed with Mimi and Nana, and I went with my friend, Mandy to the rodeo!!!
I am a rodeo "queen" and go multiple times a year!  Mandy on the other hand had never been! 
Can you guess what on this sign she tried?!?!
....a fried twinky!!!
They literally have fried oreos, fried snickers, fried cheesecake, fried meatballs, you name it, they fry it! Makes my arteries hurt just thinking about it! lol
I guess I should be glad that the rodeo is just once a year!  ha
Then it was time to go see my man, Jason Aldean!!!!
He was so awesome, and if I knew how to upload a video, I would!
Then we left the rodeo and went to El Patio to meet a friend for her birthday!
El Patio is known for their DANGEROUS blue margaritas!!!
We just so happened to have a few pitchers at our table!
After a round of those delicious things!
Mandy loved her some blue margaritas!  She wasnt feeling too good that day, but said she felt MUCH better after one of these ;)
It was a fabulous weekend with beautiful Texas weather!!!
Yes, all these things happened within 24 hours!!!  Craziness, but FUN!!!
Needless to say, today was a relaxing day full of NOTHING!!! lol
Hope you all took advantage of your weekend too!


Cara said...

What a fun weekend!

10 goals in one game? Dang! Landon is a soccer superstar!

Oh the fried twinkie...I almost barfed. I do miss my rodeo turkey legs though!!

Glad you had such a great weekend, sweet friend!

Stephanie said...

That weekend does sound like a blast! I think I'm the only one not having gone to the rodeo this year. Hopefully I'll make it there next year.

Congrats to Landon for all those goals! And your mom for all those goals too - haha :)

See you this week?

Kirsten: said...

Man, you beat me on putting up the weekend post! Dang it! LOL. Thanks for sharing another birthday with us. We love ya'll :)

Krystyn said...

Wow! Looks like a blast of a weekend.

Thank Landon sure is a riot, isn't he?

Emily said...

Looks like you had an amazing weekend! I haven't been to Clay's in years...glad the tradition of going for milestones is continuing! I've never had a blue margarita, either...I need to get out more!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Fried Twinkies? I don't know about that. The things they will fry, bleh. Way to GoooooooAL Landon! I have yet to have a blue margarita and I have been to El Patio a few times. I will have to remember that. The weather was great this weekend. I loved it so much.

Tam said...

Wow 10 Goals! Go Landon! Looks like a fun filled weekend! Have a great weekend!

sonja said...

Wow Landon is a soccer star for sure! And Devon's glasses are hilarious! =)

I am soooo jealous that you got to go to the rodeo. Ever since I moved from Texas I miss it so much. Lucky!

King Quads said...

Now that looks like some jealous.

Landon is such a cute little man, and how cool is that that he is doing so good in Soccer!