Thursday, April 8, 2010

More baby letters :)

I been a letter making fool these last few months!!
I realized I havent posted any of them and thought I would
share the latest ones..
For my dear friend Jessicas baby boy... 
I think these are some of my favorites so far!
Faith got these for her baby niece due next month!
My friend, Mandy ordered these for her nephew!
These were some of the hardest ones so far!!
Baby Gage!!
A girl at work ordered these for her grandson!
I actually painted these over 2 years ago...I was over at her house this weekend though and saw what she had done to Addisons room.
She took a long mirror frame and added the cute flowers!!
I loved it!
My hobby is actually starting to pay fun is that?!?! lol

This was post #3 this week, so dont forget to check out the last 2 posts!
7 days until Disney!!


Kirsten: said...

i love that your hobby is bringin in some $$$ honey!!! lol, but seriously your letters are AWESOME. and how cool are addison's letters in that frame??? miss you and hope to see you after ur trip to disney!!! XOXO

Jessica said...

Those look great, Stephanie! You are super talented and I can definitely see why you're gaining some cash flow! Keep up the great work!

Krystyn said...


I love those! And, it's so awesome when your hobby brings in some extra moolah!

The Siegert Family said...

those are sooo cute. GREAT JOB!! im gonna have to get you to make some for our next kid... AWESOME!!!

Tam said...

OH Yes these are awesome and extra money to boot! Etsy next!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome! I especially love 'maddox'. I have a huge love for all things beach!

Krystie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. And saw those letters. then saw the name grayson and then saw the name jessica. I have a friend jessica who is about to have a baby boy grayson. I wonder if they could be the same girl? small world!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Always enjoy seeing your work. You do great. I may ask you to do some for my daughter..she loves anything personalized. She is 10 but how cute. I will email you later. Enjoy Disney first girl! GOOD job on 3 posts this week.

April said...

Girl, you are SO talented and crafty! I love those so much! When I eventually have another baby, I'm totally gonna have you make me some for the baby's room...they are much nicer than some I'm seen in the stores. :-)

King Quads said...

You are so talented. I love them all. So cool that doing what you love is pulling in some cash...way to go!