Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mothers Day/Wedding

My Uncle Charlie got married on Mothers Day.  At first I thought, "really, Mothers Day??"  I quickly changed my mind and couldnt have been happier spending the day with most of my family!

My mom and I...thanks for being such a great mommy and fantastic Nana!!!
Uncle John, Nana, me and Landon!
He who makes my Mothers Day possible!!!
Uncle John, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jane!
Charlie and Alexis during the ceremony! 
The whole wedding couldnt have been more "them"  The black, red, converse, black cake, ect! 
It was perfect for them!
Going outside for a few pictures!
Could he be any cuter?!?!?!
The 2 most important people in my life!!
Close up :)
My cousin, Olivia!
I love this picture!!!
He was up really high!
Papa and Landon
My mom and my Papa
Family pic with the bride and groom!
The beautiful Hannah!!!
Pretty ladies!!!
The kiddos riding the lawn mower!
See the black cake with skulls...delicious but made for some black teeth!  lol
Alexis, Charlie and Landon with the skull cups Landon got them!
My cousin Hannah, me and Landon
You can tell someone was done posing for pictures?!!?!  lol

It was such a wonderful day filled with family and close friends.
Congratulation Charlie and Alexis!!
We love you and cant wait to see you again!!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great mother's day! Looks like it was a fun wedding!

Krystyn said...

Sure looks like a great weekend! I love the non-traditional touches of the wedding.

Jessica said...

I guess I kinda think the same thing about the wedding date. You're going to all get together anyway - might as well make it a holiday, too! Neat!

Stephanie said...

Those pictures all came out so good! You got fancy pictures for Mother's Day too :) Another plus!

Tam said...

Great Pics. Tervis Tumblers??? LOVE those you know they have a cute pirate boy one. MY boys pick out New Tervis Tumblers for treats and holidays. Santa Brought a Georgia Bull Dog one for Parker...LOL LOVE those things..Yeah I noticed them in the pic with the bride and groom..LOL I am a freak like that! Love LOVE Tervis Tumblers!!!!

Landon is so stinking CUTE!!!!!!!!