Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas card ideas!!!

I LOVE picking out my Christmas cards every year!  Usually I make my own and last year, we had professional pictures taken, so we ordered through them!
This year though, I am SOLD on the shutterfly Christmas cards!
I can never pick just one picture, so I love that they have the option to pick 3-8 pictures!!
I am currently trying to decide between 2 or 3 cards and narrowing down my pictures!

I'm trying to pick a few pictures from over the year and then have our current Christmas picture too!

Check out the photo cards they have available...

They also have some really great calendars
I'm thinking about ordering some for the grandparents and of course for myself too :)

I have used Shutterfly before to order prints and photo books, and they have turned out GREAT!  I cant wait to order my cards this year!  I know they will be perfect for our friends and family to see what the 2 of us have been up to this year!!

Christmas tree is up and decorated, some presents are already wrapped, and the lights are all I have to do is decide which card! (and then finally upload my NYC pics!  lol)
I love this time of year!!


Jennifer said...

I already got my code, designed my card, and ordered them!! $8.65 total!

I love the ones you picked out. Super cute!

Erin said...

I love photo cards! They're the best kind of Christmas cards. Can't wait to see the ones you had made!

King Quads said...

I can't wait to hang yours on my fridge!! My very special friend.

I am emailing you my address! I want yours too please.

Tam said...

Merry Christmas!