Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Celebration, surgery, and more!!

OK, I finally got around to posting my birthday pics!
We went to The Red Zone and had such a wonderful time (I think!)
I had a lot to drink (wine to be exact!)
After looking at the pics I realized my hand was never without good ol faithful
(aka my wineglass!)
My bestest best of the best friend Crystal!!!

My other best of the best, Melissa! OK, who says a girl cant have 3 best friends?!?!? Here is my other bestie, Natalie!Some of the girls from work!!
The Youngs!!
Oh, no worries..wine glass was behind Johnny!
Most of the group! I love my friends...thanks to each and every one of you!!!
Me and Jaime!
Self portraits always seem like a good idea when you are drinking!
Another group shot!

Audrey! My co-worker..and friend!
Bryan..no more drinks!!
Judy, Em, Christy and me
Late in the night! ;)

So there you have it...the last birthday I will be celebrating!! lol I couldnt have asked for a better week!

My schedule is so freaking full I cant even see straight!! This weekend is my best friend, Lissas bridal shower. (I'm the maid of honor!!) Next Friday is Landons 6th Birthday, and the next night is his bday party!! The following Wednesday he is having surgery. He has to get his tonsils and adnoids removed :( I think the only good thing about being so busy is that I havent found the time to stress about it!! I know he will do great, but if you could all say a little prayer for him (and mommy!) I would greatly appreciate it!! I've heard good and bad stories on the recovery, so feel free to share if you have been through it. I would love to hear your stories. Then, as we all know, Christmas is the next Thursday!! We leave for his grandparents the morning after to celebrate Christmas with them in Lafayette! So, in case you missed that, Landon will turn 6, have surgery and Christmas all in 13 days!! Wow...am I crazy?!?!?! (on second though, dont answer that!!)

Also, take a second and swing by Stephanies blog to wish her a Happy Birthday and Caras blog too!!!

and to Aprils blog to wish her a little something special too!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry of I havent commented on all of your blogs..I truly did read all of them, I just didnt have to time to comment on almost 100 updates!!

December 2nd...really??? Christmas here we come!

Dont forget about sending me some questions for my Q & A for my 100th post...I'm almost there!!! Either comment or email me at Stephray13@aol.com


Tam said...

Wow YOU are super busy. I will say MUCHO prayers for you and Landon!

Kimmie said...

Your little man is going to do great in surgery and Im so proud to hear that you arent stressing over it. Even though your busy, just try and relax and rest where you can.
I personally wish Dec was the never ending month as so many fun things go on.

Stephanie said...

Your birthday pics look so fun! I'm happy you had a good time.

I will say lots of prayers for Landon (and mommy too!). This will be the best for him no doubt.

Thanks for the birthday shout out. You're a doll!

lovelylalo said...

What a fun birthday party group! Why wasn't I there?!? lol...it looks like you have great friends and too much wine...no such thing.

Prayers for lil Landon...I hope he has a speedy recovery. I am sure he will. Kids bounce right back.


Don't forget in all the madness to take a day for YOU!!!

I will write my question by the end of the DAY-thanks for the reminder!

Cara said...

Fun bday pics!!

You are very busy! My little sister (she's 9) had her tonsils out a few months ago and her recovery was great. She just ate ice cream and lounged on the couch, so no complaining from her. :) I know Landon will do great too. I will say some prayers for both of you!

Thanks for sending people my way for bday wishes! I LOVE birthday's! I know you're busy this weekend, but we'll be at Bellaire Lanes at 10:30 Saturday night for some bday bowling, if you end up with a free second. :)

Rachel said...

wow - you are a busy girl!! SO much going on!! GREAT bday pics! Glad you had such a great time!!

my friend got his tonsils out and he said it was the best thing to ever happen to him - so I am sure Landon will feel the same way, but I will say a little prayer for you and him :)

The Brew Crew said...

Your birthday looked like a lot of fun! Oh the day or night I can drink an obscene amount of wine... :o) Looking forward to that evening!

I will keep both you and Landon in my prayers for his surgery. I know a lot of children who have had this procedure. It will all be fine!

April said...

Holy moly you are a BUSY BUSY girl! And I have to LOL becuz by the third or fourth pic I was thinking "There is that wine glass again!" LOL IT looks like you had a great time!

I'm jealous. NO more crazy wine nights for me for NINE months. Oh wait who am I kidding---I LOVE IT! :-) THanks for my well wishes!!

Krystyn said...

Your birthday looked like a great time. I don't remember my last birthday like that!

You are going to be super busy.

Prayers for the surgery.

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday! Happy birthday Landon! I had a procedure done almost 2 years ago (at the age of 24) and my mom was upset, too! But it went great, and I am confident Landon's will go well! Keep us posted!

Tam said...

Happy FRIDAY! Have a great weekend and just sending out thoughts and prayers for the upcoming sugery for Landon!

April said...

P.S. I almost forget to tell you! I dreamed the other night that Big D and I were in your neck of the woods and that we got to meet in person!!! You're special, you rate a spot in my dream! LOL

Blessings From Above said...

Wowzers, you are busy! I will say a prayer for a speedy recovery for Landon and peace for Mom.

Loved all the birthday pics.