Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Landons Camo Campout! (and a contest!)

Scratch that, reverse...we will start with the contest! lol Krystyn over at Really, Are you Serious is hosting a giveaway!!! I wasn't going to link to her so you wouldn't go over there and play yourself, but I thought that was just rude of me! Where has my holiday spirit gone?!?! And she is also giving me another entry for mentioning this on my blog, so I guess I better put a link! lol

Its all about making a cook out of anybody, and I must show you this next picture to show what I stirred up! If you know me, I AM NOT a cook! I screw everything up or I just get annoyed with it and give up! SOOO, when my friends found out I was making Landons cake, I think they got a little worried! Have no fear my friends, look what I did....

OH yeah baby...(ok, so whatever, I did get the idea off the internet, but I made it come to life!) Check out my graham cracker sleeping bags, campfire made out of pretzels, trees made out of cornflakes and marshmallows, and dirt made out of crumbs!!!! So anyways, wish me luck with the cake contest (you know, the one you should have clicked on up there and entered yourself by now!) Krystyn (aka Em and Izzy) made a butterfly cake that turned out so cute! Look at us little Betty Crockers in the making!!

Now on to my little 6 year olds birthday party!!! (which seems like it was months ago, but was just 3 weekends ago!) He decided to have a campout like Skylahs a few months ago!

The front of his shirt...
and the back!!
Getting the living room all set up for camp! We had to move our coach and love seat out of the living room!The final campgrounds (trying to hide the Christmas tree!)
Aunt Lissa and the birthday boy playing in the backyard!!
Rough and tough boys!
Football huddle!
Me and my little helper Devon!Ready to make some hot dogs!!All the boys in the outside tent eating dinner!
My lovely best friends..aka Camp Leaders for the night! Love you girls..thank you for helping out! Couldn't have done it without you all! (and Jeff!)
Lined up about to watch the bottle of Pepsi and mentos explode! lol
Time for SMORES!!!
and presents!
and surprisingly enough, all NINE boys were asleep by midnight!
Eating yummy donuts the next morning!
All in all, it was a great birthday party! It will definitely be a few years before I try and tackle that again though! WHEW...9 boys is quite a lot!
I still have more of his birthday posts, Q & A coming up tomorrow morning, Christmas and some other things to post about, but I figure I can make you wait a little bit longer! lol
Dont miss yesterdays post and make sure to come back tomorrow for my 100th post Q & A!!


Cara said...

What an adorable birthday party idea! 9 boys?! You are one brave mom! :)

I am very impressed with your cake, too!

Krystyn said...

That must be the best party, ever! Great job!

And, don't forget to leave a comment that you did this (or did you? Because, seriously, I don't remember)!!

And, great cake, too!

Rachel said...

you are such a cool mom!!! that looked like so much fun!!! GREAT cake!!! very creative! I like how you had shirts made too :)

I will wish yougood luck too, even though we are both in the contest :)

Kimmie said...

You sure rocked that birthday party and I can only guess how much Landon and the boys loved it. So very crafty and Better Crockerish and you didnt even know you had it in yah. Great job girly!

Tam said...

This is the coolest looking party in the WORLD! OOO Bakugan....yeah I have a little Native over here that well LOVES those things. We have tons floating around the house now. LOL

Anonymous said...

Cute Pictures! What a Fun night... So glad Lan Man had a Wonderful Time! Love You, Lissa

April said...

That is such a cool idea! It looked like a great party. :-)

Stephanie said...

Can you plan MY parties from now on? That's insane! I love that cake!!