Thursday, February 21, 2008


Are you kidding me????????
I have to wait until April 24?????????
That is over 2 whole months :(
This is just ludacris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AOL reports:
'Grey's Anatomy'
Returns: April 24
Number of Episodes: 4-5
You won't have to wait until fall to see whether Mer and Der get back together; a handful of new installments will air in April/May, before 'Grey's' begins another full 22-episode run this fall.


Stephanie said...

At least it's only 2 months...I have to wait almost 7 full months before I get Heroes back :(

This strike sucked! Ugh!

Amy said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by my site! Yay another Houstonian! Your little boy is precious and sounds like we have a lot in common. GO TEXANS! We are nuts! Flip flops and jeans are definitely the way to go and who doesn't love a little Grey's Anatomy! Have a good night!

Rachel said...

I know... I keep looking online to see watch the new episodes - and nothing! my lunch hours are so boring now... haha