Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Krystyn!

Here are 7 weird things about me....
1. I despise bananas..cant stand them! I even make Landon peel his own!
2. You have to load the dishwasher "my way" or I will go behind you and rearrange them!
3. I could eat at Chick Fil A 7 days a week (if they were open!)
4. My child (I know this was supposed to be about me, but I couldnt resist!) dips his apple dippers in ketchup (disgusting..I know!)
5. If I mess up on paper, I throw it away and start over..I cant stand scribble or crossing things out!
6. If I am home alone, I literally sleep with almost every light on in the house (inside and out)
7. I like pickle juice on jalapeno chips :-)
(and now I'm sure yall dont think I am weird..just plain crazy!! lol)

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Stephanie said...

Those were funny!

I'm totally with you on #5 though. I've always been the same way. Is that called anal? :) Haha!

Amy said...

I'm the same way about bananas!! Didn't happen til I was pregnant though, isn't that weird?

Rachel said...

HAHA I cracked up at the home alone one! that reminds me of my sister!!!

ew - the apples and the ketchup!