Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a great Easter weekend!

Sorry I'm just posting, but things have been busy! We had a wonderful weekend in Lafayette and then celebrating Easter here!
Well, the weekend didnt start out so well at first...on our way out of town, we got in a fender bender :( Everybody was ok (thank goodness!), but my car doesnt look so good anymore!

Landon has been telling Grandpa for years that when he turned 5 that he would ride his motorcycle! This was the first time there since he turned 5, and he actually stuck to his word! He LOVED it..he thought he was pretty cool (just like Grandpa!)

Then all his cousins and some more family came over for the crawfish boil and and Easter Egg Hunt! Go Landon Go!! He found the silver egg that had $5 in it!

Look at all that crawfishLandon and his cousins were having fun playing with them! (Pardon the fact that my child was dressed like a scrub! I made him put on a tshirt to eat the crawfish!) Aunt Stacey teaching him how to eat crawfish (because mommy doesnt know how to or care how to learn!)Slumber Party at Grandpa and Mammy's Decorating Easter eggs with Syd, Madison and AubreyThat poor lizard got torchured all day!
Saturday night when we got home, I went out with some of my friends for 2 of their birthdays. It wasnt a long night, but we had a great time! Me with some of my old (and current) work crew!
Andy, Vanessa and I

Leann (the birthday girl) and I

Andy, me and Audrey

Landon..Easter morning before church
Such a great weekend...great company, great food, great church service!


Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a very busy weekend! Mmmmmm....crawfish sounds good - and I'm not a big crawfish person. Sorry about your fender bender - but I'm glad everyone is all right!

Landon is a cutie!!

Rachel said...

YAY!!! what a great weekend! wow - silver egg! thats a cool tradition! and YUM YUM YUM!! I LOVE crawfish! how do you not eat them?!??! crazy girl!!! sucks about the car :( It doesnt look too bad though!

glad you had a happy easter!!!

Krystyn said...

Glad every one is okay and you had such a great trip! All those people in shorts and t-shirts make me jealous!