Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Random pictures in my camera phone!
I tried to take a picture yesterday and it told me my memory was full..I started going through my phone, and found all kinds of random crap! lol

1. Landon and Gavin playing in the ball pit- April 2008
2. Crystal and Skylah at Wild Wings- Dec 2007
3. My sweet angel sleeping in the back seat- Nov 07
4. Corky and Landon at TX Childrens Hospital- Feb 07
5. Nana (Landon took this pic in the car!)- Feb 08
6. Sweet Baby Brooklyn 6-11-08 (my friends baby that was born last week..I will post more pics later of her!!)
7. Landon "shaving"-Feb 08
8. Landon and Brooklyn- June 08
9. Landon ready for some football! Dec 07
10. After a brief encounter with a tree! Nov 07
11. Skylah Jade bowling- Oct 07
12. A random picture of a fram I wanted to try and make
13. Baby friend Jessicas baby..she texted me this last week! June 08

I'm off to work now, hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. I have lots of new pics to download, but my camera is acting up! I will post more later once my computer and I are getting along better! lol


Stephanie said...

These are great! I have almost no pictures in my mobile. I should use it more often. Brooklyn is adorable!

Krystyn said...

I almost never use my camera phone, either!

I love the one of Landon sleeping in the car! Too cute.

Reynie said...

Happy TT! Love the pictures. That last one of the baby is so sweet!

Blessings From Above said...

I love this! Cell phone pictures is a great idea for Thursday Thirteen!

Tam said...

GREAT POST......great know how the mind of a scrapbooker works! LOL

Kristen said...

I love the picture of Landon shaving!!

That is too cute! :)

What a little man you have already. Happy Thursday, late. Sorry!

Kendra said...

Wow I big puffy heart the photo frame.