Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-Concerts!!

13 Concerts I have been to (or have tickets to go to!)

1. MADONNA November 16, 2008!!!

2. George Michael this Monday!

3. Prince 2007

4. Kenny Chesney (8 times!)

5. Clay Walker 2002, 2004, 2006

6. NSync 2002

7. Brittney Spears 2002

8. NKOTB when I was little and possibly again this year!

9. Tim McGraw ( a few times)

10. Destinys Child & Christina Aguilera 2001

11. Pat Green 1999

12. Just about every country star at The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo

over the years!

13. Buzz Fest numerous times!

So what..I'm a groupie! Dont judge me!!! lol


Stephanie said...

8 times?! Wow! Lucky man ;)

I was at Buzzfest this past Spring - were you at that one??

Krystyn said...

You sure enjoy your music don't you? I hate the crowds and people touching me!! I guess I'd rather have the CD!

The Brew Crew said...

I may be going to Kenny!! :o)

And I really think my hubby is playing a trick on me about Madonna. Hopefully I will be there!

I know a lot of people going to NKOTB...

Have fun!

Tam said...

Wow Wow....I am a concert Virgin! yep seriously...40 years old and have never ever been to one. HMM

Rachel said...

Did you hear the news about how Britney Spears is going to be on tour with Madonna?? Arent you SO super excited?!?!?! I would have bought tickets if I would have known that!!! you are quite a concert goer - I think I have been to MAYBE 5-7! how pathetic :)

Indy said...

I love this list. I might have to steal it some night when I can't think of anything to write. I love Prince and Madonna. :) Cool list. I love music too.

Tam said...

Check out my blog post after Jekyll Island I had something a little Smile for YOU

Amy said...

I just can't tell if you are excited about Madonna or not ;-)
I'll be there too girl, can't wait!

Tam said...

Concert night???? have lots of fun!