Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Fun!

Whew..summer is finally over!!! ;) I dont know what I'm so excited about, because the fall is much crazier than any other time of the year for me!!
Now its the fun stuff though!! Halloween..cooler weather, sports, FOOTBALL SEASON, birthdays, ect!!
Soccer starts next week, so we are pretty pumped for that! Landon also starts tae kwon do on Monday at his after school care! That was one of the main reasons we chose that program...he has wanted to get into karate for almost a year now. I just literally havent had the time! This way, he will do it after school 2 days a week and its one less thing I have to drive to! ;) No to come! lol
Kindergarten is going great!!! He gets stamps everyday, and we have had no complaints! Homework started words and practicing on his handwriting!!
He came home the second day with this disgusted look on his face...I asked what was wrong and he told me to look in his folder. I wasnt sure what to expect, but I saw a half sheet of paper that had 20 black dots on it..I asked him what it was, and he straight faced looked at me and said..."mom...we had to practice gluing on the dots...LIKE I dont know to glue"
WTF...where did he get this lil 'tude?!?!?!
He is too funny...I guess he thought he was bigger and better than gluing!
I've actually been able to go out to The Red Zone ( my boss and great friends bar) a few times over the past month! I was quickly reminded this last weekend that there is a reason I dont do it more often! Saturday morning was a little rough!!
2 of my favorite ladies!! Crystal and Kirsten!
Its been too long since we went out with the girls! (love you 3 Kirsten!!)
My work family...Mike and Joe Joe!!Lekisha, Crys and me My lil man at the bowling alley!!Happy Birthday Quintin!! (my best friend, Lissas son!!)

Erin (bridesmaid), Lissa (bride to me) and me (maid of honor)
(Which reminds me...the wedding is getting so close...only 4 more months..damn I still need to lose more weight!!)
We are going to have so much fun over the next few months!

2 of my favorite lil men!! Gavin and LanMan

Playing with the gang at Vivians bday party!
Happy 2nd Birthday Vivian!! (so cute..she picked Diego..not Dora!)
So there you have it...a little peak into out lives over the last few weeks!
This weekend I have my wonderful friend, Hollys baby shower! She is expecting her 2nd daughter next month..Charlye!!
and just to toot my own horn...I just realized I had 19 comments on my last post...holy crap...I think I just felt like a mini celebrity! lol Is this how you popular people feel every week?!?!? I remember when I had my 3 faithful Steph, Krystyn and Rachel readers at the beginning! Thanks everyone for making me feel special for the moment! ;)


Krystyn said...

You've been busy once again. Birthdays, bars and more!!!

Congrats on the 19 comments!

I'm glad school is going so well for Landon.

Have fun at the shower! I just found out some girls from my Bible Study are having a shower for me and another I'm excited about that.

Kirsten: said...

Damn, you are a busy woman!!! Red zone was fun...glad i finally made it out!!! Love ya'll!!!

Tam said...

Your Crazy Busy but IT must be CRAZY GOOOOOD!!!! YOUR little one is so cute and I am glad K-garten is going good!!!

Kimmie said...

You really have had a busy week chica but it sure looked like a fun one. Glad to see life is so great.

Amy said...

Looks like fun times!

April said...

Great pics! THAT IS HILARIOUS about Landon being too "GROWN UP" to glue dots on paper. LOL
I'm in a wedding NEXT MONTH and haven ot lost a darn pound. uGH!

Blessings From Above said...

Do you ever sleep??? You are always on the go. I am quite impressed.

Girls night out looked like a blast. I am in desperate need of one!

Stephanie said...

You never slow down do you? :) I am so happy about FB season starting - GO GIANTS!
And I'm cracking up at his attitude about the dots. Hahahaha!

Tam said...

Happy Saturday!

Reynie said...

Ahhh, those lovely reminders of why we shouldn't do certain things in excess... but sometimes, it's just so fun to do certain things in excess that we just can't help ourselves! I hope you had a wonderful time and the "little rought" was worth it! Fun times have to be had every now and then. Great pictures full of good times!!!

lovelylalo said...

Looks like good times were had by all. Always on the go..busy busy! So excited about football is all I watched this weekend. My team plays tonight! Go Bronocos! {and Texans}. :-)

Glad you had a fun night out too!