Thursday, June 4, 2009

My baby is getting too big :(

Last week we had Landon's Kindergarten Awards
It seems like just a few months ago I wrote this post :(
Here is my handsome guy!!They sang some songs, said the pledge, and danced for us!
Miss Jones (the best teacher EVER..more on that in a minute!) giving Landon his awards.
He got the Certificate of Kindergarten...
Junior Achievement Award...
PE, Art and Music Award...
Outstanding Citizenship...
and Merry Music Maker!!
(he always sings and dances, and Miss Jones said that he was always making music!)
Best Buds

Proud Mommy
We will miss her so much next year!
and here are just a FEW of the reasons why...
She sent home a Summer Survival Kit which included,
a self addressed envelope to write her over the summer...
pen and pad to practice writing...
hugs and kisses (Hershey's),
sidewalk chalk in case they get bored,
and a summer reading list!
She also made each child a photo album of pictures throughout the year!
It had over 20 pics!
She even came and saw him at tae kwon do earlier in the year!
and in case that wasn't enough...
She put together a book of things they did throughout the year each month

eating green eggs and ham :)
April showers ;)
This is their snorkeling masks they made...they are under the table (which has blue saran wrap on the bottom to get the ocean effect! lol)
There was a picture from every month, but you get the hint! All the kindergartners also got 3 workbooks to keep their brain working over the summer! 2 math and 1 reading!!!
Today was the last day of school (yes, June 4th...craziness!)
It was bittersweet, because Landon is really looking forward to summer, but he already misses Miss Jones! He has accidentally called me her name twice already!
She really set our standards high for future years! I know I will never forget his kindergarten year!
Once the kids got home, MawMaw let them help her mow the grass!
Check out that "wife-beater!" What a stud! lol
So, here to our busy summer! We have so many fun things planned!
He is going to summer camp where he does after school now. They have 3 to 4 field trips a week! He is going to be SO busy! (luckily he is used to that!)
Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


Krystyn said...

Happy Summer.

It definitely sounds like that teacher made a big impact.

Rachel said...

wow! what a great teacher!!! That is so sweet of her to even go to his activities outside of school!!! My favorite teacher was my 1st grade - Mrs. Roberts :)

Kirsten: said...

Lan Man is getting soooooo big! Can't believe he is a first grader now! Time flies!

Stephanie said...

Steph! You must be so proud! He did so wonderful this year :) I cannot believe he'll soon be in 1st grade. You guys had an amazing teacher - I hope we are so lucky when our days comes!

King Quads said...

Awww...what a special teacher. Landon is so adorable, and look how proud he was in his picture with his teacher.

Looks like you guys are going to have some trips to the ol' library this fun!

Cara said...

Landon is such a great little guy! You have so many reasons to be proud of him! :)

What a fabulous teacher he had! The only thing I remember about my kindergarten teacher is that she pulled my first tooth out in front of the whole class. Haha! :)

Kimmie said...

Seriously...what an AMAZING teacher. I think every kid remembers their K and 1 grade teachers. What a wonderful rememberance for you. Im highly impressed. And check out all of those awards. Way to go Landon!
So on to a great summer. I hope you two enjoy it!

April said...

Wow what a great (and impressive) teacher!! I can see why Landon (and Mom!) will miss her!!!

Emily said...

What a teacher! I hope my kids say that about me one year, but i don't do all the amazing things she did! Have fun with your little guy this summer. Mowing the jealous! He can come do my yard any day! You have to be so proud of those awards! Go Landon! And go are an awesome mom!

Spsmiles said...

He's adorable Stephanie! Y'all will have a blast this summer! The wife beater is the best! HA!

DoubleHHollysHobbies said...

Aww! So cute! You've posted so much the past few weeks I've been off this thing I can't even comment on all of it so I'll just do it here. Landon is adorable...I miss him alot, I miss you. I need to call you because we NEED to catch up on some things! After looking at Brooklyn's 1st birthday I just cannot wait until Charlye's. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet. Of course I still have time but I can't believe she's almost 8 months old! Holy-ba-jesus how the time goes. And you're little one is out of kindergarten!!! We're getting old!!!