Friday, June 12, 2009

Starting summer off right!

My mom called last week and said she wanted to do something fun for the weekend! After looking around for fun things to do (not all day in the scorching heat!), we decided to head to The Woodlands!
We started off eating lunch at Rockfish! Landon wanted crawfish, but they didn't have any :( It was so good though!
Two peas in a pod!!

Then we headed to the Childrens Museum in the mall! It was a great place to go, but Landon was probably at the max age! It is more geared towards 2-6 year olds! Its only $5 a person though, and we still had fun!

They had scrubs and stuff to do an operation on this lovely body! lol

He had the most fun digging for dinosaur bones!

His new kicks!

Then we walked around the mall..of course he spotted the carousel! They have a 45 minute boat tour which was really neat! Landon enjoyed listening to the tour guide tell us all about the stuff!Looks like he made himself at home!Could he be any cuter?!?! ;)We had such a great day! We left the house at 10:30 that morning and didn't get home until after 11 that night! We went to Guadalajara for dinner, Barnes and Nobles, and just walked around all day!

Then on Sunday, we hung out at the house all day! The weather was great, so we stayed outside most of the time!

Crazy kids!Corky getting him ready to go down the slide full of bubbles! (without a pool, we have to get creative!)and there he goes!! (yes, thats a tarp at the end of our slide! dont judge!) MawMaw, Landon, Skylah and Corky enjoying the sun!

Then the kids got out their journals! They are too funny!
My sweet guy!
Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as we are! This was his first week at Summer Camp, and he is exhausted every night! They go on 3-4 field trips a week, so they keep him super busy!


Kirsten: said...

Love the slide with bubbles and a tarp...that is too funny!!! I hope Lan Man continues to have a WONDERFUL summer!!!

Krystyn said...

Definitely a great start to the weekend. Your grass looks perfect for outdoor activities.

Kimmie said...

They got out their journals...I LOVE IT! Can only imagine the things they write in there. And I would never judge about a tarp at the end of the slide. I call that very innovative :)
A tarp as a slip-n-slide for adults is judge worthy as hitting that ground doesnt feel so good as you age, haha.

smile steady said...

No tarp judging here. I used to slide around on a blue one just like it! He looks like the happiest kid in all of these!