Sunday, August 30, 2009

Landons 1st Football Game! Go Ravens!

Landon started football a couple weeks ago and LOVES it!
Yesterday was their first game!!
Go Ravens..Russell #25
Bryan, Faith, Crystal, Myles and Skylah waiting for the game to was sooooooo HOT.  2:00 games are going to be tough and we have like 4 more!!
Listening to coach pump them up for the game!
Jordyn, Justin and Skylah trying to stay cool!  ha
Ravens cheerleaders!!
Most of our clan...we had so many of our wonderful friends and family come out and watch him!
Thanks Nana, Corky, Skylah, Faith, Myles, Ajax, Nat, Jeff, Kate, Lissa, Mike, Jordyn, Quintin, Austin and Justin!!  We love you all so much!
Look at that face!
Playing tight end!
Our awesome shirts!!
When we got home and took off his pants, he thought it was so cool how dirty his legs were!  lol  You could see where his pants and socks ended!  lol
Oh he is such a boy ;)
We played the Broncos and won 7-6!  They all played so good!
We learned alot though...bring WAY more water, need a tent, and more sunscreen!  3 1/2 hours out in the sun at 2:00 in the afternoon is a scorcher in Katy!  lol


Kirsten: said...

Way to go Landon!!! I'm glad he loves it! We will definitely have to attend one of his games...let me know his schedule. XOXO

Stephanie said...

Oh yay! Congrats to Landon and the Ravens! I bet he was so pumped after winning :)

Sorry I missed you guys Friday. It was not a good day for me. Ready for this to be over!

Krystyn said...

Yay Ravens. So glad he had a good time and got so dirty. Too funny.

Sorry about that stupid call at dinner. Major suckage, but hopefully, it gets worked out.

Amy-Jo said...

So sweet, I can but cannot wait for these days to be here for Logan.

Jessica said...

That is so cute! Look at all of those little guys out there! Go Ravens!!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

He looks the dirt picture. He sure does wear his "game face". Glad he has so much support.

Emily said...

I love how the shirt has his name on it...and you have a shirt, too! So cool! Getting dirty is awesome. I just wish they had tailgating for grow-ups (you know, Texans style) at the little league games! I could walk there and just walk home...SWEEEEET!

King Quads said...

What a cool dude that Landon is. Love the picture of the legs...that will be fun for him to look back on one day. He is such a cutie!

BTW - I nominated you for Honest Scrap...check out my blog.

Tam said...

You are such a great MOM! Did anybody tell you that recently?! I still have NOT signed my guys up for any sports yet...I am scared! I will just faint if they get hurt! YOU SO ROCK!