Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 68th Wedding Anniversary!!

A few weekends ago we went to Lufkin for Crystals great grandparents 68th Wedding Anniversary!

Landon and Ajax on the ride up there!
Crystal with her great grandparents! They are such amazing people and it was so nice to spend this special day with them!

Skylah and MawMaw (her great GREAT grandmother!)Me and and my munchkin (you will notice this is the before picture!)

5 generations!! (and Landon! lol)

Crystal spent weeks making a slideshow of old pics and songs. It was so neat, but so sad. Everybody really enjoyed watching it :)

Landon has had a loose tooth for weeks now (his first one!) MawMaw decided to try and pull it out... Skylah had a loose tooth too, so I started trying to pull hers out...
and within 60 seconds I pulled Skylahs out and then turned and pulled Landons out!!
Corky brought them straight to the bathroom to rinse ;)
Silly Skylah not smiling! lol
This was #6 for her! (which 5 of them I have pulled out!)
My baby lost his first tooth! (hence the "before" pic earlier in the post!)
Lots more to update, but I thought I would start with this weekend!!
<>We had another weekend in Lafayette, started football, won a few giveaways, and have had lots of fun the last part of summer! More pics to come soon!!

Blogger has been acting funky on my laptop and not letting me rearrange my pictures. Hopefully that doesnt happen again and I can get caught up soon!

I've loved reading up on all your blogs though!!

Congrats to Stephanie on Baby #2...

Congrats to Kim and Travis on their recent engagement..

and April on the birth of Baby Hunter!!


King Quads said...

First of all...68 Years, now that's something to be proud of. AWESOME

Second of all, there is NO WAY Landon lost a tooth already. He's turning into a little man. I think he is so adorable. How much is the tooth fairy paying these days?

Krystyn said...

That is truly awesome. 68 years! Wow!

And, I can't believe he lost a tooth. That's crazy talk!

Rachel said...

WOW!!!! 68 years!! That IS something to celebrate!!! And YAY for Landon!!! I bet the tooth fairy paid him a visit that night :)

Kimmie said...

You tooth puller you! That would freak me out to attempt that, haha. Maybe with time and my own kids, I will build up the courage I need, haha.

Great post and WOW, 68 years or marriage and holding the title of Great GREAT Granparent, that truly is amazing. How great to be present for that :)

And of course, THANK YOU so much for the congrats shot out. That means a lot.

Stephanie said...

Wow - what an accomplishment! I can only hope to one day acheive 68 years of wedded bliss :) Congrats to the two of them.

And YAY for Landon and his tooth - I bet he was thrilled!!

Thank you for the congrats - we're super excited on #2 - now if we can only get over this morning sickness.... Boooooo!

Jessica said...

Ahhh! Losing the first tooth has got to be the most exciting thing EVER! I can't even remember losing my teeth!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Cute post..and if I have a loose tooth in the future I am keeping clear of you! OUCH!! lol

jag said...

Thank you, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

And, congrats to Landon on the loss of his first tooth! Such a cool thing!

Moni Graf said...

68 years?!?! I thought NINE was a l-o-n-g time!

LOVE that you're going to be known for your tooth-pulling's a good label to have!

Thank you for ALWAYS leaving such sweet comments. You really do know how to brighten someone's day!



ModernMom said...

Foundyou through Really, Are you Serious!

68 Years is truly amazing.
Loved reading through your post:)

Tam said...

HI! Yes we started Kindergarten! I have missed stalking all you guys! Landon is so cute! LOST have just given me a look at what is in the near future! I have not even scrapbooked a thing this summer and now I am so far behind that I will never catch up. How about you? It was great hearing from you! Hopefully I will stalk again soon!

Elaine A. said...

I'm dreading the whole losing teeth thing. Your little guy did a great job!!

And congrats to the couple for 68 years! WOW!

You mentioned Lafayette. That's where we live now. Do you have family here? Just curious...