Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ahh..the day I have been waiting for since last November...
the premiere of ECLIPSE!!!
We bought tickets 2 months ago for the TRILOGY on opening night!
7:15 Twilight
9:30 New Moon
12:01 Eclipse!
ALL in the SAME seat!  LOL
Me and 9 of my girlfriends bought tickets and were super excited!
I even let my "Team Jacob" friends sit with me!  ha
We (well, part of our group) got to the theater at 4:30 to get in line! (and no we weren't anywhere near the front of the line!)
There were people with sleeping bags, pillows, homework, dvd players all camped out for the midnight showing!
Crazy twi-hards!!!
I was glad we atleast got to sit in a cushioned seat instead of on the floor!
Once we got in our seats they were giving out door prizes!
Then the manager walked up and down the isles throwing t-shirts!
LOOK what I caught....
(no young teenagers were physically hurt (maybe a little mentally) during the catch, but I cant promise that this almost 30 year old didnt jump when I saw it coming!)
I mean...I just had to have it!
On the back it says
"It all began with a choice
Oh I think I have a problem!  lol

All in all, I was there from 5:30-2:20..just a little shy of 9 hours!
I was very surprised in the age groups of the people!  It definitely was not only a bunch of teeny boppers! ;)

Here is Natalie (Team Jacob) and I (Team Edward)
waiting for the first movie to start! 
It was truly such a fun night with the girls...
I dont want to ruin anything for you "not true" fans who havent even seen the movie yet, but I will say,
you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!
It was so good and I cant wait to see it again on Friday night!
Dont judge...a girl can never get enough Edward!!!
I am going with some of my blog friends and am really looking forward to just seeing Eclipse! By the time midnight came around, I feel like I might have missed a little of it!

What did you think of the movie, or do you think I'm just a total nut case?!?!


Angela said...

Believe it or not, Jordan is our resident Twihard. He was not at the midnight showing, but I'm sure soon enough he'll be dragging me along to the theater. What can I say? He has good taste. :)

Cara said...

I loved it!! It sounds like you had a great time!

You know what's weird? I was totally team Edward while I was reading the books, but I'm all about Jacob during the movies. Rob P. just doesn't do it for me!

Stephanie said...

It was so great! Are you wearing your tshirt tonight? Haha! :)

Stefan Boyer said...

You are crazy!!! Love it!!! Chris has seen it twice:). It was a good movie.

Krystyn said...

Sounds like you girls had a great time! I can't believe you were there for over 9 hours! Wow!

I'm with Cara, Rob P doesn't work for me as Edward.

Tam said...

9 hours! HOLY COW! YOU go GIRL! I will see it when it comes out on DVD...LOL!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

LOVED the movie, but it was my FAVORITE book. They did such an awesome job...9 hours (nutty much). I was also Team Edward at one time but am now so Team JACOB (sorry). Glad you had a good time and you didn't lose your legs to numbness during this whole day of dedication to your Twi-Hardness. lol