Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alittle bit of this and a little bit of that!

I'm so behind on blogging, so these are some pics from a few things at the end of the school year!

Thank You PTA breakfast!  Love these girls!
The theme was
"Volunteers, tied together like family"
Steph and Sharice :)
The cute centerpieces!!
In May, we walked with Cara with Caras Corps to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!
This year Landon walked with me and we both had a great time!
My silly guy!
Getting ready to start walking!
Cara, Steph and Landon
He is so crazy!
Sweet Cara and Landon!
Its always so special to walk along side of Cara and her friends and family.  I will walking until there is a cure for CF!!

We bought the kids tickets to Taylor Swift for Christmas, so we were very excited it was finally time for the concert!
They made posters...
and t-shirts ;)
Waiting in our seats for Kellie Pickler to come out!
Crystal and Skylah
They gave out these glowsticks to everyone!
Landon's poster!  I love it!
Close up of Taylor and "us" on the front row!  ;)
Landon, Faith and Corky
(Landon probably knew just as many words as I did!  He loves Taylor!)
Headed back to the car!  I think smiles describe how much fun we had!
My little baby was BUSTED!


Stephanie said...

Cute pics! Landon is really growing up - he's so handsome ;)

Krystyn said...

How cool that he did the walk this year with you.

And I love how pumped he was about the concert.

Tam said...

Wow you guys keep super busy. He is so cute!!!! Great Great Pictures!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

You 2 are so cute and always busy doing great things. Who doesn't love Taylor! Great pics.

Tam said...

Oh Yeah School Started on the 4th here. It is so so HOT to be sitting in CAR LINE...LOL

Hope all is going great and that you are keeping cool in the heat!

April said...

Awww, such sweet pics! Especially that last sleepy one. :-)

Emily said...

I've got to do the walk best looks so fun! And what a great cause.
I love the T.Swift posters! I wanted to go so badly...maybe next time she comes.
I wish we had PTA moms like YOU! What you do to support Landon and the whole school is awesome!

Tam said...

Hi there you Amazing MOM. I am sure you guys have had many cool adventures and lots of FUN. Just wanted to say HEY!