Friday, February 15, 2008

One year ago today

I cant believe it was one year ago today that Landon was admitted to the hospital. That was a very LONG 5 days for all of us! He was admitted to Texas Childrens Hospital for high blood pressure...yes, a five year old had high BP :( When we went for his 4 year well check, they noticed it was really high. We had an appt w/ the Nephrologist a few weeks later, but his little body had other plans! On Valentines Day night after church he was running a high fever. The next morning, they admitted was 155/110. My poor baby! They ended up finding that he has a scar on the top of one his kidneys. (which told the other kidney to work harder..causing the high BP) They believe it was caused by an undetected bladder infection or UTI. (most likely when he was a baby...they just dont start checking blood pressure until they turn 4) He takes his blood pressure medicine everyday like a champ! We now only have to check his BP once a week instead of twice a day. The doctor seems pretty cetain that he will outgrow this just like a normal scar. Here are some pics of our stay (its very hard to tell he wasnt enjoying it w/ all the stuff they had for him to do!!!) We go back in June to possibly lower his dose of meds, so keep your fingers crossed!


Stephanie said...

Looks like Landon and I have something in common! We were both in the hospital at the same time one year ago - only he looks way more happy than I did! Glad that he is okay :)

Jennifer-Colley said...

Hey there! I am so glad that you found me! Landon is adorable!
Glad you liked the pics,those engagement pics were so long ago! =)
So good to hear thingse are going good in your world! I will add you to my blog page so we can keep in touch!

Rachel said...

how scary! well looks like it was scary for you and fun for him :) LEt us know how his doc appointment goes!