Monday, April 21, 2008

"Relaxing" Weekend

OK, someone remind me why I said this was going to be a relaxing weekend?!?! Crystal (my best friend and roomate..for those of you new readers!) calls me Friday afternoon and decides we should have a garage sale this weekend. Hey..I need some Disney money, so why not! So Friday night we were up until 2:30 pricing and setting up, and were up and opened at 6:30 Saturday morning! We did really good on Saturday and decided to get some more of her sister, mom and my moms stuff and open again Sunday! All in all, we made some really good money and sold most of our crap!
Then we had to go up to Westside Mixed Martial Arts Saturday afternoon to drop some stuff off for Bryan. The owner let Landon and Skylah have a tour and get in the cage! Landon has really wanted to start karate, MMA, or jui-jitsu lately. Well, I figured out why...Hes a natural ;) Here are some pics...
The owner showing them some "moves"They had a ball!One of Fearless' fighters was there, is showing Landon how to do stuff! Look at those muscles ;)
My little man!
Hiiiii---yah!!!! lol
Sunday after the garage sale, Landon, my mom, and I went out to eat with my Papa and Dee Dee! Papa bought Landon a new fishing pole and taught him some new tricks! We had such a good time!
When we got home Crytal was shampooing the carpet and we decided to "Spring Clean" So at 1:00 this morning we called it a night and finally went to bed!
It was such beautiful weekend and we actually had a lot of fun! (and got a lot of stuff done!)


Rachel said...

awww - I love the hiiiii-yah! picture!!! Glad you got lots of Disney Money!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Haha - yeah, not so much on the relaxing part huh? Glad you had a good weekend! It was gorgeous out!

Krystyn said...

Woah! You were way to busy for a relaxing weekend! I hope this weekend is a little easier on you (no shampooing, selling, pricing, etc)...but it's awesome that you made some $$!