Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday school!

13 reasons I am happy (and sad, proud, emotional, ect) that Landon will start kindergarten in August!

In honor of this morning...I am on my way to his new school to register him. I'm so proud of him and at the same time, not quite sure I'm ready for him to be a "Big boy! yet"

1. Field Days and Field Trips :)

2. I get to be a PTA mom :)

3. We will get to eat cafeteria food when I go visit for lunch ;)

4. My baby will continue to grow into an independent little man! :)

5. Hes actually looking forward to homework (I guess b/c he sees Skylah doing it now!)

6. NO MORE CHILD CARE EXPENSES!!! (well, after school, but at only 1/3 of the cost!) :)

7. He doesn't have to wear a uniform anymore (which is good and bad at times!)

8. Volunteering

9. We will have to be on a set schedule (and at his Montessori school, he doesn't have to be there until 9:00..which mean I go late to work everyday!)

10. Him and Skylah will be at the same school and after school program, so I feel MUCH better about him being there!

11. He gets to be a Stephens Stallion!

12. Get to go shopping for school supplies and new school clothes

13. To see how proud and excited he gets when he talks about being a kindergartner!

Wish me luck girls! I cant believe my baby boy is going to go to big school!!


Krystyn said...

Awww...what a big boy! Daycare gone? You are going to be RICH!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow...he will be a big boy now! I think I will cry my eyes out when it's my turn. Those are fun things to look forward to though!

Rachel said...

lots of stuff to look forward to! the extra cash will be nice though!! hey, might as well be excited about homework while you can!! haha :) isnt KG a full day now??

The Brew Crew said...

OK this is right up my alley! I can def. coach you through this...(as long as it's not my child) I deal with those emotions for many parents on the first day of school. You will be AMAZED at how much he grows next year. How exciting!