Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding and Aquarium pics! (finally!!)

Well, I finally got most of the wedding pics from everyone! My cousin got married in Austin a few weeks ago and I was in the house party. It was such a GORGEOUS wedding.

My uncle and his wife own, Mesa Ranch in Austin..if you visit or live there, you must go eat is such a GREAT restaurant! Here is some of the fam eating brunch the day of the wedding! (this picture does nothing for the place..they are remodeling this location and about to open in August!)

One is on Mesa Dr and one is right off of I-35!!

Michael and I before the wedding!They actually got married in the same chapel Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey got married in! It was such a beautiful place!

The Happy Couple..Mr and Mrs Ray cutting the cake!!
Aunt Lane, me, Mimi, Aunt Barb, mom, and DeeDee at the reception
Me and my beautiful mom! It was so sunny!
Me and uncle Kevin the day after the wedding at the breakfast!
Mimi and I Then last weekend my mom called and asked if we wanted to go to the Aquarium! We headed to lunch on Sunday and then stood in line forever to get in! lol (it wasnt too bad, it was just so hot!)
On the Shark voyage (that broke while we were in line so we got cheated!)

Nana and Landon on the ferris wheel!!!
From the top of the ferris wheel! Our beautiful city..Houston, TX!!
Alligator riding!
My sweet angel!

Scuba Landon!!
Could he be any cuter?!?!
Just the 2 of us!!! (he is so animated!!)
He actually started VBS this morning, and said that he loved it! He came home with his offering in his pocket...should I be worried?!?!? lol They ended up not doing offering today, so he's off the hook!!
We have lots coming up over the next few weeks, so I'm sure theres lots of pictures to come!
Most importantly (well, not really, but for the moment it is!!)...
Recap tomorrow!!


Stephanie said...

Steph!! You look GORGEOUS and totally ROCK in that red dress! Wow!! ;)

Krystyn said...

Y'all look like you had a great time!

And, have a blast at the concert tonight. I can't wait to hear all about it.

lovelylalo said...

Your boy is just too cute! Great pictures..hope you enjoyed that concert...~LUCKY~


Tam said...

I am so seeing great pictures for scrapbooking! Great pictures!!! Awesome in RED!!!!!

Rachel said...

great pics! I've never been to that rest but will def stop by next time I'm in Austin!! (hot dress!!!)

Looks like Landon had a BLAST at the Aquarium! I've only eaten there - never went on the rides :(

Tam said...

HOPE your concert was major fun!

Amy said...

I love weddings! Haven't been to the Downtown Aquarium yet but it is definitely on our list. I think they are actually having some kind of shark extravangza in a few weeks, maybe we'll go then.

Midwest Mommy said...

How cute. Everyone looks so great in the pics! Today it is suppose to reach 90 here how does that compare to Texas?

Kendra said... the photos. What a handsome lil' man. and you look great . have a good week.

The SiTS gIRLS said...

Welcome to the SITStahood!!