Friday, November 21, 2008

I just saw TWILIGHT!!!!

Ok, heres the deal...I promised no spoilers, so I will keep my word! BUT...

I am going to give my opinion, so if you dont want to hear it, DONT READ anymore!!! ;)

I'm not giving anything away, just what I think you might want to know before you see it!!

Just remember, you dont have to read!!!

but since you probably still are...

I went with the Madonna group (+1) and we all thought it was great!!
To be honest, it might of had to do with the fact that I had heard nothing but BAD reviews ALL day :(
"Actors sucked" "Special Effects sucked" "Nothing like the book" (and no, not just from you Cara! lol)
I will agree with one thing...special effects sucked!
I think it helped too that I had looked at the cast before I saw the movie...I knew what to expect! (that was another complaint I heard...unrealistic actors!)
Other than that, the characters grew on me, I loved Bella, got used to Edward (he was a little stiff!), and thought they hit all the big events in the book pretty well!!
I'm a huge Alice fan, so I wanted more of her, but I guess I'll have to wait for the next 3 movies!! haha
Melissa (one of the girls w/ us!) brought us a copy of the soundtrack to the movie, so that was pretty fun too! There a few really good songs!!
So, I cant wait to hear what all my blog girls and CCBC thought of it!!
I think if you just realize NOONE could portray Edward (or any of the characters for that matter!) the was we see him when we read, and that the special effects are pretty lame, you will like it too!
Happy Twilighting!!!


Krystyn said...

Glad you had a good time. I'm sure I'll catch it on DVD in a couple months.

Cara said...

I agree with you, I really liked Bella and Alice too! Edward talked weird, don't you think? I was disappointed in this movie, but I have VERY high hopes for the next one!

And I'm going to watch it again when it comes out on video, so maybe it will grow on me. :)

Erin said...

Everyone else said it sucked... boo! but I am staying optimistic. I think I will love it anyway!! I"m glad you liked it!

April said...

I didn't LOVE it however I did like it. YES, I agree the special effects sucked...and Jasper was a Freak!! LOL BUt to be honest, I DID like Edward. I already liked Robert Pattinson (sp?) as an actor and I thought he did a great job in his portrayal of one could have BEEN Edward exactly i think cuz we all built him up so much in our minds! LOL

Tam said...

I forgot...YOU have finished the whole series right? Yeah I saw that lots of the reviews tanked big time. I will wait and wait until it comes out on DVD...LOL Right now there was an awful lot of TWEENS waiting around to see the movie here in Savannah and honestly....I want a night without kids...LOL LOL

McMommy said...

I need to see this movie. ASAP!!!!!!!
You all have gotten me so excited for it. I love that Robert Pattinson guy...OMG, from the trailer he looks like the most perfect Edward EVER.

Ooh, I just said the name. Edward. *swoon*

Rachel said...

There were some parts that I had to laugh out loud at because they were so corney... and honestly, I was a little dissapointed, but I would totally go see it again. I knew it was low budget, I just didnt realize HOW low budget... but I LOVED Edward and I was surprised to find that I liked Esme also! and Emmett was HILARIOUS! I want to see it again :)

lovelylalo said...

In my head...was so much better. I wish the special effects weren't so cheesy and the acting was a bit better. I liked Alice, Edward and Bella. Emmett was pretty funny and Jasper just reminded me of Edward I went twice to see it...once with the girls and once with the boy and the girl. I had to clear my head of what I read and watch it with movie eyes (not my mind) and it was better. My little ones like it a lot and now my son wants to read the other books. Overall, given budget and experience of actors I think it was pretty good. I look forward to New Moon. Cheers to Edward!

Glad you enjoyed it.

Stephanie said...

I enjoyed it. As long as people realize it was low budget and don't have high expectations, I think they will really like it. I think the actors were cast really well too. Some of them were just perfect - like Victoria. Perfect. Love it! I'm seeing it Friday for the 4th time...sigh!

amanda said...

i think it's always good to go to a book turned movie with low expectations - i don't know of one movie that has ever lived up to the book??

ps - thanks for the insight on the books too :)

Anonymous said...

Earlier I thought let's check out my BF's Blog.... I had a huge surprise... Twilight:) I read the whole blog and you should be a critic Steph... Very Good I must say, Honestly! The Happy Twilighting though... WoW!
I Love My Lil Book BF You Are... Muah-Lissa

Jay @halftime lessons said...

New to your blog, and I really enjoyed stopping here...looking forward to keeping up with you!


Also, have you registered for today's Mommy Bling giveaway at Halftime

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I think Steph seeing it so much is REALLY funny. I was very nervous the first time I saw it. Nothing really could've been the book in my eyes. They left things out, I thought Stewart was stiff - although I loved Pattinson (and I eat crow for that). I really hope they'll throw tons of money at New Moon & do it right. And, having seen what they did to Twilight, I'm terrified about Outlander.

Blessings From Above said...

I actually really liked the movie and thought Robert Patterson was the perfect Edward. I think the movie stayed very true to the book.

I think Alice is adorable too and hope to see more of her in the next movie.

Thanks for getting me hooked on the Twilight series. I just finished Breaking Dawn and LOVED it!