Sunday, November 2, 2008

My little vampire!!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween!! I know we sure did! I have 52 updates on google reader, so as soon as I can, I will read all about your night!!!
Here is my little vampire! (the fangs didnt last long!!)
It was actually his idea to be a vampire (not his Twilight addicted mom!)
He said he could be a vampire like in mommys book! :)
(so I guess I contributed a little, right?!?!)
The Race Car Driver (Drew), Monster Bride (Skylah),
Frankenstein (Gavin) and the Vampire! (Landon)Trick or treat!
Little Miss SkylahSteppie and GavinYou can see his spikey black hair in this pic!! Skylah in character ;) and Ajax the Devil!
Bryan, Ajax, Bryan and Crystal

In the haunted house!
Daddy Andy and Drew
Scary Landon!
At the end of the night...Addison was out!
Bryan and Gavin about to get some candy!
The Bumble Bee , Addison We had a VERY busy weekend (I are surprised right?!?! lol)
More pics to come of our last soccer game, field trip to Dewberry Farm and the Rams football game! Cant wait to see all the pics from yalls Halloween festivities!!!


Erin said...

What a cute little vampire!

Cara said...

Landon looked so cute! After reading Twilight, was it his idea to be a vampire or yours. ;)

Krystyn said...

What a cute vampire! Glad you had a good weekend.

Reynie said...

He was so scary! :-) Hope he had a great time.

April said...

Oh they all looked adorable! I love your cute vampire! :-)

Kirsten: said...

The kiddos are adorable!!! Did you post them late at night though??? A few of your captions are a lil!!! Love ya!!!

Stephanie said...

Those are great costumes! And such an adorable vampire. Did you just melt :)

Rachel said...

aww, thats so cute he wanted to be a vampire like your book :) all the costumes look great! glad you all had a Happy Halloween!!!

Blessings From Above said...

Edward is ALMOST as cute as your little vampire! ;)