Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MADONNA and more!

As you ALL know, Madonna was here in Houston Sunday night!!!!!!!!!
We ended up meeting up with 3 other girls (that work w/ Nat) that were going and got a limo! So the 6 of us got to ride in style and head to the concert! I have more pics, but I'm waiting on the other girls to email their pics! I couldnt wait to post about it though! I guess I will just have to update when I get them!! We went to eat at Dolce Vita and had the best food and pomegranite martinis!!
Then back to the limo to go to Minute Maid Park!!
Wine and Champagne in the limo!!
Are we really going to the Madonna concert FINALLY?!?!?Finally at our seats!My girls!!

We have had our tickets for almost 6 months, so it was good to FINALLY go!!

She rocked...I mean, other than the stripper pole, kissing girls, flicking off the cameras (oh atleast 10 times), humping the floor (on many occasions), and having to look at a picture of Obama on the screen, it was pretty tame! HAHAHAHA

Surprisingly, we were 3 of the youngest people there! It was probably 60% gays, 30% older, die hard fans, and 10% couples that the girls forced the guys to come!! Well, I guess it was a bit more diverse, b/c we didnt fit into any of those categories! lol It was a pretty strange crowd though!!
So needless to say, my bday is officially over, but I think I did pretty good this year!!
Birthday post coming soon! There was just way too many pics to combine!

There are so many things coming up soon, so each event I knock off my calendar the better! ;) Thanksgiving, Landons tonsillectomy, Lissas briday shower, Landons bday, here I come!!

More importantly (well, you know what I mean), guess what this Friday is?!?!?!?!?

Drum roll please.......

did you guess?!?!?!


TWILIGHT comes out!!!!!

We are going Friday night, and I am super excited! I cant wait to hear what everybody thinks about it! I hope we are not let down!

And, last but CERTAINLY not least, Landon got his second report card, and he got ALL pluses, E's and S's!!! (they dont have letter grades until 1st grade here!)
I am very proud of him! I think he was pretty proud himself too!! (especially after he got $10 from Nana!)
My little baby is growing up so much!
So, stay tuned for crazy bday pics...I have to go catch up on all your blogs now! ;)


Cara said...

HOW FUN!! I bet she put on an amazing show!

Twilight in three days! Edward, here we come! ;)

Hooray for Landon's awesome report card! He is such a great kiddo.

Indy said...

You lucky girl! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!

Tam said...

OK so HERE I am laughing because I am still a CONCERT VIRGIN but I sort of went to a KIND OF CONCERT TONIGHT??? I posted about...LOL LOL YOU will laugh because here you are seeing MADONNA...who I dressed like during my teen years and I went to a sort of other type of Entertainment thingy....LOL LOL Glad you had fun...and ooo the cocktails....do die for! I had a Sno Cone at my function...LOL

Rachel said...

I bet Madonna was awesome! my roommate went and said it was so good!!

I cant wait for Edward either!! I keep seeing the previews, magazine articles, and clips on E! - its SO CLOSE!!

and yay for Landon!!! Seems like he's a smarty!! :)

Amy said...

Looks like you had a great time! It was such an awesome show!

Somer Love said...

GOTTA LOVE MADGE!!!! Glad you enjoyed it! You will never see a better show well unless of course you go to her next tour ;)

I saw her Nov 4th so she was in the best move ever with the big win and all! I missed the LA show by 2 days with Brit and JT but i figure I made history with her :)

Krystyn said...

Glad you finally got to see the concert.

You'll have to tell me how the movie is (w/o ruining anything).

WTG Landon!!!

Emily said...

I heard the concert was a little 'wild.' Glad you had a good time. I am just now reading Twilight so please don't ruin it. I know I am behind but work is insane right now. My kids need so much help.....it's tough! Be glad you have a smartie!

lovelylalo said...

Looks like MUCH fun was had. Your description of the concert does NOT surprise me. Glad you had fun...and maybe a little turned on! LOL j/k.

Can't wait for more bday pictures.

Way to go-LIMO Balla style!