Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Love, Stephanie and Landon!!!
Hope everyone has a safe and fun time tonight!!!
Lots of pics to come!!!
Funny little side note...
(PLEASE do not judge our parenting skills by this next statement..we DO not talk like this (or vote like this for that matter..haha..had to throw that in!!) I blame it on public school!)
Last night Landon and Skylah were talking about voting (which was hilarious by the way) They were saying that they wanted to vote for the black guy (I cant believe I'm even repeating this!) because he would be really cool as a president for 8 years! Where do they come up with these things??
Skylah then said that they could go vote as a kid, their vote just wouldn't count! I was explaining that kids couldn't vote, but they could have an opinion.
Landon then proceeds to say... "I know what we can do...we can rip off a grown ups skin and put it on ours...then put on a long jacket and go vote as a grown up"
My child wants to rip peoples skin off????
Maybe we wont be out trick or treating tonight..I don't want him to get any more crazy ideas! lol
(in his defense, he referenced Little Rascals when they go to the bank and pretend to be grown-ups!)


Krystyn said...

Okay, that is funny...and a little scary.

Emily said...

That is pretty funny. The kids at the school where I teach are 12-14 years old and they refer to the candidates as the black one and the old one. I don't know where they come up with it either, and I don't really know the correct way to handle it in a classroom. I just tell my students we are all equal and that distinguishing someone based on their looks is not appropriate or polite...and it was a great way to introduce character traits and adjectives. WOW! I am a nerd teacher, I know, but be happy that Landon is talking about these things....hopefully he will continue to be interested in them and be an educated in his OWN SKIN of course!

Tam said...

I agree with Krystyn!! LOL LOL

I hope you had a great Halloween and OOO can't wait for the pictures!

Stephanie said...

Where do kids come up with this? Too funny!