Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Favorites...

I love FALL...I've said it before, but I was going through some old pics and decided I would post some of my favorite memories about this time of the year!
Every year we go to Dewberry Farm...if you are from the area and have never been, you MUST go!
They have hay rides, flower picking a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, ect!
This picture was taken of Crystal, Skylah and Landon in 2005!Back when they would let us dress tham alike ;)This was us in 2007 there..another fall favorite...the sunsets!We also try to go to the Oil Ranch (same concept as Dewberry Farm, just a little different!)
Heres my pumpkin with his pumpkin in 2006I love the pumpkin patches too!Petting ZoosEvery few years, mom gets to go out and dress up with her crazy friends!! Gotta love Halloween parties!Then of course the kiddos dressing up...Happy Halloween from TinkerBell and Peter Pan 2006 (which he will kill me for one day!) Carving Pumpkins 2005 Football Season
Fall Festivals 2006
Katy Rice Harvest Festival
Pony Rides 2006
School parties

and of course Thanksgiving!!

Of course there are many more, getting together with family, my birthday, the weather ect, but these were some pics that made me smile!

Any guesses on what he might be this year for Halloween?!?!?! He has been Frankenstein, SuperMan, Peter Pan, SpiderMan, and a pirate!


April said...

This is such a PERFECT Fall-y post! And I LOVE that sunset picture so, so much!

Rachel said...

I LOVE fall too!! and carving pumpkins and fall decorations..

and Landon has grown so much in the past years!! too cute!! and you are such a fun Mom! taking him to all this stuff!!

maybe he will be Batman or the Joker this year?? that seems to be a popular for boys this year???

lovelylalo said...

WOW, so many fun Fall things..I SO need to catch up on so many things! Can I have 2 of me? I am sure you feel the same at times.

Just peaking in on ya...seems like things are going well.


GoteeMan said...

Oh, I love fall, also... love the crisp cool air and beautiful clear nights and fruits that have late seasons... Great post! and great pics...

I am thinking IRONMAN...

J/ (

Krystyn said...

The Oil Ranch...that brings back memories. Fall is my favorite, too.

amanda said...

oh you know how much i love fall!!

great pictures friend :)

can't wait to see what the little man is going to be this year!

Indy said...

This post lifted my spirits. Great photos!

Stephanie said...

Such fun! We are going to go to Dewberry Farm this weekend with Travis & Jennifer I believe. I also wrote a story about it on! I've never been though but I'm so excited to go!

I love the Peter Pan costume! Karys is Tinkerbell this year ;)

Kimmie said...

I love all the pics you posted. So much fun is to be had during the fall season. Im super excited about the Rice Harvest Festival this wknd. Havent been in 2 yrs. Ahhhhhh :) Where is a nearby pumpkin patch? So want to hit one up.

Blessings From Above said...

I love the pictures! I can not get over how much stuff you guys do. Landon had the best mommy ever!

No idea what he's going to be this year, but I can't wait to see the pictures.

Amy said...

Isn't the weather just awesome today?? I think we are going to try Dewberry Farms this year, we've always done the Oil Ranch, but I've heard so many good things about the other, I think it's time to check it out!

Kendra said...

Oh how great!

I love,love,love the photos. Looks like you have been having lots of fun.

Have a fabulous week.

Whitney said...

Very sweet pics!! I LOVE Fall, too!

Lindsay said...

I do love Fall!
I have a Halloween party to go to and have NO clue what I want to be... any ideas?