Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Guess where I will be on Sunday @ 3:00?!?!?!


Yep...thats right...the Texans game!!!!

Me and my girl, Natalie!!! Woo-hoo!!!

I am so freaking excited...well except for the fact that my son wants to disown me. Eeek...he was SUPER upset :(

Nat called me last night and asked if I could get a sitter on Sunday b/c she had 2 tickets!!

Landon looked at me when I got off the phone and starting crying saying "Now you are going to be one up on me"

WTF?!?! Why is my child talking like a grown person! lol

See...we have only been to one Texans game when he was 3 on Christmas Eve. He said now, that I will have gone 2 times and him only one...

its tough love baby, but mommas got to go!!!

(ok, I didnt really tell him that, but is it bad that I thought it?!?!)

I promised that next time, we will both get to go...lets just hope I dont go in debt trying to find 2 tickets now!

and to my beloved CCBC...

I FINALLY finished Eclipse and started on Breaking Dawn last night! So far, I like Twilight the best. The other 2 have been good, but its until the last 150 pages or so that it gets REALLY good!!

How are you girls doing...what are you reading??


Indy said...

Congrats! Sounds like you will have a great time!

I am reading "In an Instant" about Bob Woodruff, an ABC anchor who was injured while working overseas as a journalist. It is really good. His wife also writes so it is very interesting to read both perspectives.

Faith said...

Hi there, I was randomly clicking around and found your blog...I saw you were talking about Twilight! I'm one of the obsessed :)
I thought Twilight was more fun to read than New Moon and Eclipse, too (thought I loved them both)-but just wait until you get to Breaking Dawn! I didn't see, when did you start reading the series?

Rachel said...

congrats on going to the game!!!

you are going to LOVE Breaking Dawn!! It gets SO good - I promise!! but Twilight is my fav :)

I am on the forth book of the Stephanie Plum series. Each one gets better and better! they are pretty short (300-350pgs) and easy reads :) They are great!

Stephanie said...

Awesome! The games are so much fun.

Still reading Outlander series and loving it. It's a bit harder to get through, but well worth it if you can make it.

April said...

That is too funny that he said you will have "one up" on him! LOL

I'm currently RE-READING the Twilight Series. LOL

Blessings From Above said...

Have fun at the game!

I took your advice and bought Twilight. I am about half way through and so far I LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

What is CCBC?!?!? Don't tell me a Book Club.... Seriously? WTF?!?!

Kimmie said...

I will be at the Coors tent Tailgating on sunday, haha. Maybe I will see you :)
As for the Twilight series. I am half way through Eclipse. I started reading it before the move and since we have moved, I find myself doing other projects each night and I never seem to have time to read it and I constantly hear Edward, Bella and Jake calling me. I miss them :( I hope to catch up soon.

Tam said...

OOO I have read a book called Almost Moon by Alice Sebold and did not love it, I just finished two very short books about Vampires and did not love them...I think I was looking for a Vampire Fix after Twilight..sort of like an addict. I have 113 books on my book shelf to pick from that are all waiting and calling my name as I walk past them. I don't dust anyting in the house but my books...JUST kidding...OOO and my scrapbook area...LOL

Midwest Mommy said...

Have fun tomorrow!
Sounds like a blast. I am sure you will make it up to him :-)

GoteeMan said...

Hope you have an awesome time!

J/ (

Amy said...

Wasn't the game AWESOME!! We love the Texans, especially when they win ;-)

Tam said...

stalked over to say HI hope you are having a GREAT week.

Whitney said...

How fun! I love going to football games! I have heard so much about those books...I need to start reading the first one!