Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday 10

Thanks to Cara and Kim (who is on private!), I have decided to try out Tuesday 10!

10 random/quirky/loveable things about Landon!

1. He dips his apple dippers in ketchup (seriously..he gets 2 buckets at McDonalds..one for his nuggets and one for his apples!)
2. No matter how cold it is, he takes his jacket off as SOON as we get in the car...he cant stand to have his seatbelt on while wearing a jacket!
3. He doesnt like sweets...well.. within the last few months, he has started liking a few things, strawberry fruit roll ups, apple lollipops, (and I say apple, b/c he wont eat any ohter flavor) plain donuts, plain cake (no icing) and thats about it!
4. He would eat veggies and/or fruit all day if he was allowed to. I can peel a whole cucumber and he will eat the whole thing like an apple! Same with grapes, apples, carrots, corn, tomatoes, ect!
5. He loves calamari and seafood (which mommy hates!)
6. He knows EVERY and I repeat, EVERY word to EVERY song on the radio (country, rap, r&b) He just loves music! (reason I have to be quick on my feet when "I Kissed a girl" comes on! lol
7. He doesnt like pepperoni on his pizza, but loves cold pepperonis!
8. He has high blood pressure
9. He remembers how to get everywhere..he has the best sense of direction!!
10. He loves his momma so much!! (which makes me the happiest person in the world!)


Indy said...

Wow. I can't believe he loves his veggies. And ketchup on his apples. Nasty! Very interesting 10!

Krystyn said...

What a good kiddo! Fruits and veggies...that's awesome. I wouldn't complain about not liking sweets.

Whitney said...

How sweet :)

Rachel said...

Wow -this Tuesday 10 is catching on quick! I may have to join the band wagon!

Such a sweet post though - Landon sounds like such a cutie!! and he looks like one too!!! :)

Cara said...

What a SWEET little guy you have!! And what a good mommy he has! :)

Stephanie said...

Awww! He is so lucky to have you as his momma! He's super sweet, Steph!

GoteeMan said...

I have one who loves veggies, and won't eat much meat or sweets, and the other, who is the carbie kid, and won't eat many fruits/vegs...

Funny how different they can be!

Great post!

J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

amanda said...

ketchup on apples?? honey really??

i love learning more about your sweet little guy :)

Kimmie said...

That is the cutest 10 items ever. What a model son (doesnt care much for sweets, loves his veggies, knows his music, etc). Im impressed chica. You sure have raised one heck of a gentleman!

lovelylalo said...

Landon is so adorable..my 'girl' puts syrup on any item she can..she is a sweet tooth critter and both of my lil ones LOVE seafood. They can be expensive to feed. Good job on the fruits and veggies.

Sorry he has high blood pressure..how scary.

You are a great Momma, so of course he is going to just love you!

April said...

How CUTE is he!!! And that's awesome that he loves fruits and veggies so much...he'll be nice and healthy as he continues to gROW!
(My friend's daughter dunks her FRIES into the caramel dip reserved for apples at McD's! LOL)

Kirsten: said...

ah, i love lan-man!!! i need to see him soon!!! XOXO